Marieke uses her colour expertise to create colour collections and tools that help people find the colour they love.

Embrace the Energy of Lime in Your Home Décor

Lime is adaptable, fresh, and always on-trend.

Meet Marieke Wielinga, a global colour designer and a key member of the Global Aesthetics Center, a team that's like the crystal ball of colour trends. They're the people who peek into the future and tell us what colours will be popular in home decor. Marieke is a pro at creating everything from colour cards to those big, impressive fan decks that make choosing colours a breeze. But that's not all – she's a whiz at 3D designs for exhibition stands, offers savvy colour advice for buildings, and loves sharing her insights on colour trends through digital presentations.

One colour that Marieke is particularly fond of is lime. She's all about its freshness and lively vibe. For her, it's a slice of nature brought right into our living spaces.

So, when you're thinking about adding a splash of colour to your home, why not consider Marieke's favourite – lime? It's a colour that's not only trendy but also brings a natural, vibrant energy to any space. Whether it's a lime-coloured pillow on your couch or a striking lime accent wall in your study room, this colour can transform your home into a lively, nature-inspired sanctuary.

Lime colour wall

The Vibrancy of Lime Colour

Bright and Cheerful: Lime is a colour that instantly brightens up a room. It's like letting in a ray of sunshine. This vibrant hue adds energy and life, making any space more inviting.

Nature-Inspired: There's something about lime that just feels natural and fresh. It's like having a slice of the outdoors right in your living room or kitchen.

Trendy Appeal: More and more, people are drawn to lime for its bold and contemporary feel. It's perfect for adding a modern touch to your home.

Whether you splash it on a wall or sprinkle it around with accessories, it's sure to turn heads and lift spirits.

Paint colour ideas

Lime Colour Combinations and Accents

Mixing lime with other colours can create some stunning effects. Here's how to balance the lime colour in your room:

Pairing with Neutrals: Lime works wonders with neutral colours like white, grey, or beige. This combo brings a balance – the lime pops, and the neutrals ground the space.

Accent Ideas: Think about lime cushions, vases, or even a piece of artwork. These can be great ways to introduce lime into your room without overwhelming it.

Versatility: Lime fits anywhere – in the living room, it's lively and welcoming; in the bedroom, it's fresh and cheerful; in the kitchen, it's vibrant and energizing.

Lime paint colour

The beauty of lime is its versatility. You can go as bold or as subtle as you like.


Using Lime in Different Rooms

Thinking about adding a zesty twist to your rooms with lime colour? Here’s how you can play around with this vibrant hue in various rooms:

Bedrooms with a Twist: Lime in the bedroom? Absolutely! Go for softer, more muted lime shades here. It can make your sleeping space feel fresh and tranquil, like waking up on a sunny spring morning every day.

Kitchens with Flair: Lime is perfect for kitchens too. It’s fresh, fun, and full of zest. Whether it’s lime green bar stools, backsplash tiles, or small appliances, these touches can make your kitchen feel lively and inviting.

Lively Living Rooms: In the living room, lime can be a real showstopper. Try a lime accent wall or lime-coloured cushions and curtains for a pop of energy. The shade you choose can set the mood – a bright lime brings excitement, while a softer, pastel lime creates a more relaxed vibe.

Living room wall

The key is to choose the right shade of lime for each room. Lighter shades can make a small space feel bigger, while deeper limes create a cosier atmosphere in larger rooms.


Lime Colour and Lighting

Lime colour in a room can change dramatically with lighting. Here’s how to make the most of it:

Natural Light: In rooms with plenty of sunlight, lime becomes brighter and more vibrant. It’s perfect for creating a lively and energetic space.

Artificial Light: Under artificial light, especially warmer tones, lime can take on a more subdued, cosy feel. It’s great for creating a relaxed evening atmosphere.

Enhancing the Effect: To really make lime pop, combine it with white or soft lighting. This highlights the freshness of lime and keeps the room feeling light and airy.


Trends and Future of Lime in Interior Design

Right now, lime colour is having a real moment in home decor. It's popping up everywhere, from chic living rooms to playful kitchens. What's cool about lime is how it adds a fresh and modern twist to any space. It's being paired with everything from deep blues to soft greys, showing just how versatile it is.

But what about the future? Well, it looks like lime is here to stay. We might see it evolve, though. Imagine softer, more muted lime shades for a sophisticated feel, or electric lime making a statement in high-tech or minimalist spaces. Lime could also become part of more eco-friendly and sustainable design trends, thanks to its natural, earthy vibe.

In short, lime's future in interior design is as bright as its colour. It's adaptable, fresh, and always on-trend.

So, whether you're thinking about a bold lime wall or just a few zesty accents, this colour can transform your home into a vibrant and joyful space. Why not try out some lime colour ideas in your room and see the difference for yourself? Lime might just be the twist your space needs to come alive!

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