Decoding the steps adopted by interior designers

Put the best of your interior design idea on the table

Best of your interior design idea 

Know the art of executing design of interior in the best possible way

Getting an insight about how interior designers think and create living spaces with best preferences and experiences demand attention, education, and practice of years. But as we know that all of us are not interested in taking it professionally and our interest is limited to our room design and design of interior only, here we have broken the process into steps to help you in developing a timeless design of interior which is going to stay in trends for years to come.  

1. Keep in mind what you don’t want

It is far easier to explain what all you like. Narrow down the list by eliminating things and colours you don’t want. Because there is certainly at least one room design, design of interior and decors which is not at all going to synchronise with your taste and personality so you definitely would not want it. Keeping in mind what you don’t like will help you in knowing your taste and preferences. 

2. Know your taste and style

As this is the place where you and your family are going to stay so allover room design should have homely feel. If you don’t know how to decide about it, take a look at the pieces and clothes you have. It will help you finding out if you want a bold and fancy interior or soft and comfortable one. Set aside those themes and patterns which attracts you and suits to your taste. The other way to do it is, just imagine how you want to feel inside your home. Do you like your place to be formal or elegant or traditional / warm and inviting or comfortable? Do you want to make monochromatic colour choices or modern mixes? Take a note of the places where you like to go or travel. Observe the places where you go to dine out if its furniture, furnishings, and décor attracts you and what did you like most about it. All of this may sound little overwhelming, but it’s easy and you will need all such details even when you hire a professional designer.  

3. Plan your space

Space planning is essential if you want to have a minimalist interior design. Minimalist interior design helps to have an airy, comfortable, and functional space. If you don’t scale your furniture and furnishing well and place too large of everything, it’s going to saturate the space and bury the idea of minimalist interior design. Keep the free and occupied space balanced by placing the actual required size and type of furniture. If your living room has a very large space, divide it into zones to have more fun in one corner and conducive talks in other. 

4. Try samples to pick the best paint

Paint colour selection is one such decision which is going to impact the look and feel of your home. So, make such choices which connects you and entire family well with home. To make right paint choices, try samples before colouring any wall or entire space because what looks good on paper is not necessarily going to look good on walls too. 

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