Chinese woman wears yellow as a symbol of progress and prosperity.

Celebrate Prosperity and Joy by Decorating Home with Yellow

Add a touch of imperial legacy to your home.

Good things are said to come to those who let yellow into their lives, at least in China. They even have a saying: “If the clouds are yellow, prosperity will follow”. China’s great civilisation is said to have begun in 2,697 BC with the legendary Huangdi, known as the ‘Yellow Emperor’, who is credited with introducing wooden houses, writing and martial arts. For centuries, yellow was the imperial colour, and to this day stands for progress, happiness, glory and evolution in China.

Introduce a cheery yellow in your home, perhaps as an accent colour in a bathroom or kitchen, and who knows? Perhaps it could be auspicious for you, too.

yellow bedroom design

Brighten Your Bathroom with Yellow

Yellow in the bathroom makes mornings feel sunny and cheerful. You don't have to paint the whole bathroom yellow. You could just add a few yellow towels or a yellow shower curtain. If you feel more adventurous, a yellow wall can really shine with white tiles.

  • Bright Mornings: Yellow helps you start your day feeling fresh and energetic.

  • Mix with Other Colours: Yellow goes well with white or grey. It also looks nice with blue.
yellow living room

Yellow in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where the family comes together. With yellow colour paint, you can make it feel warm and cosy. You might want to paint just one wall yellow or maybe the kitchen cabinets. You can even use yellow chairs or a yellow tablecloth.

  • Warm Feel: Yellow makes your kitchen feel inviting.

  • Great Pairs: Yellow cabinets look great with white walls.



Living Room Glow with Yellow

Yellow in the living room can make it bright and welcoming. You don't need to do a lot. You might use yellow cushions, a yellow rug, or maybe a yellow lamp. If you have a small space, a yellow armchair can make a big difference.

yellow home office ideas
  • Cheerful Space: Yellow brings a smile to everyone’s face.

  • Easy Changes: A few yellow things here and there can change the whole room.


People have loved yellow for a very long time because it makes them think of good things. When you use yellow in your home, it can make you feel happy and lucky. It is a wonderful colour and can make your home feel warm and welcoming. If you want to try something new, think about adding a bit of yellow. You might be surprised at how much you like it!

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