Create an elegant living room by layering neutrals with touchable textures.

Elegance in Neutral Shades: Blending Calming Tones with Dark Accents for Depth

Blending warm neutrals is a wonderful way to add warmth to a large open-plan space. Choose a creamy shade of off-white for your walls, such as linen or natural calico, and use softer browns like mocha and caramel as your feature hues. You could create an eye-catching feature wall or simply use these darker colours as accent colours through accessories and furniture.

As well as layering colour, bringing together different textures and finishes – such as matt walls, glossy floors and sumptuous leather – will help you to build up layers of comfort in the room. Contrasting your pale walls with furniture in rich, dark tones is a clever way of defining the different areas of your open-plan space. Anchor the look with textured soft furnishings, like a sisal rug or soft cashmere throw.

Living room with elegant neutral colours

In addition to furniture, decorative accessories can also be used to add interest and depth. A collection of vintage vases or candles in different heights and shapes can add visual interest to a mantel or side table. A piece of artwork or a framed mirror can also add dimension to the room.

Layering neutrals to create an elegant living room is all about creating a space that is calming and inviting, while also adding depth and interest through carefully chosen accents and textures.

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