A living room decorated in warm shades of chocolate brown.
Chocolate: just as delicious on your walls

Chocolate: just as delicious on your walls

Deep chocolate shades are warm, inviting and calorie-free!

Decadent chocolate browns have the ability to transform any room into a sumptuous and sophisticated space. From darker shades of coffee and chocolate to lighter shades of golden chestnut and light walnut; browns create a cosy and inviting feel while looking good enough to eat. In fact, chocolate browns are so versatile, they can be paired with nearly any colour and odds are it will not only look richer, but will boost the intensity of other shade, too.

For an ornate Victorian look in the living room, combine a medium olive with a deep chocolate brown and a lighter, golden brown. In the bathroom, design a swoon-worthy spa experience with a cool blue, cream and espresso brown combination. Create a striking look in the bedroom by pairing brown with soft, ethereal shades like lavender, dusty pink and duck egg blue.

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