Create a successful open-plan living room with a cohesive colour scheme and striking accent shades.
Colour inspiration for open-plan spaces

Open-plan room? Use colour to create zones

Create distinct spaces in an open-plan room with clever colours.

Zone in

One of the best things about open-plan spaces is that they’re wonderfully light and airy but sometimes this means that they can feel slightly vast. The trick with big rooms is to choose a colour scheme that allows you to unite the space, while at the same time dividing it into different zones.

Earn your stripes

To create a similar look to this open-plan living room, try painting one wall with horizontal stripes in harmonising coastal colours, such as light grey, ochre, taupe and sky blue.

To make sure the stripes are the same width, measure the height from the ceiling to the skirting board, then divide it into stripes of equal height.

Cosy corner

To create a snug seating area, try adding layers of texture with a soft woollen blanket and a thick floor rug for extra warmth under your feet. Enhance the cosy atmosphere with table lamps and floor lights that can be dimmed for added intimacy.

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