Tapping trendiest living room design ideas

Tapping trendiest living room design ideas

Choosing the one perfect combination as your home décor or living room design can be labyrinthine especially when you don’t have just one, two, or three, but multiple number of options to coat on your house walls to have a mesmerizing home decor. With thousands of paints and millions of tones to pick from for your living room design, it seems inapprehensible to compare and combine two or more colours and select few such which just appear too good to your eyes. Choosing the colour for your living room design is not as simple as designing a new outfit. 

So here are few tried and tested colour schemes which keeps on hitting the trend every year. 

Blue & Neon Shades

Incorporating blue with neon is going to get a rich look for you. Blue is one of the best picks for setting cooler tones, and neon being bold pop are going to add the oomph factor that your house need. Neon shades look young, fresh, and untraditional making blue to add an edge in the design. 

Emerald & Light Blue

Rich emerald with cool blue is a perfect combination to make your room look glamorous and make it your favourite spot in the house. The rich and cool emerald with calm blue is going to create easy, yet fancy vibes. A colour palette with emerald and cool blue with natural woods and neutral tones are more than enough to make your room appear timeless, classic, and peaceful. 

Blue, Gray, & Sand 

If you want to arouse coastal vibes, this amalgamation is going to satisfy your taste. These are the nature-inspired hues with modern feel which are going to appreciate the clean look and evoke calmness, and comfort.  

Brown & Gray

These two are few of the most popular neutral shades and let you play well with the design of your house as the cool gray perfectly balances the warmer brown. This tone conjunction can be used for creating perfect texture or pattern walls which reflect bright and cool at the same time when light hits each of the two. To build up the aura of the space, you can use bronze hints also.    

Tan & Emerald 

The pale tone of brown with emerald is enjoying a huge amount of respect and appreciation from the world’s most famous designers. If you want a trend which can stay for long and look pretty on walls, try your hands on emerald with neutral shades. This paint choice is going to transform every bit from floor-to-ceiling in an amazingly awesome manner. 

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