A teljesen fehér szoba egységességét megtörő sötétkék erős, tiszta vonalakat eredményez.
Legy meresz ha modern minimalista stilusra vagysz

Beautiful Brown

Nature’s beauty from the ground and all around

When decorating homes, brown is probably not the first colour that comes to mind. And even though brown is considered a neutral colour, grey has been the preferred neutral. But new warm shades may soon shift that preference to brown.

The renewed interest in brown should come without surprise though. Before we assume brown is being recycled through decorating trends, we should perhaps look within our homes once more.

You most likely will find brown in many places, such as clay houseware, leather upholstery and wooden furniture. Brown has always been part of our interiors and our nature outdoors, so much so we forget its presence.

It is of no wonder we feel at ease with brown, a comfortable colour we have long adapted into our visual vocabulary. Brown also possesses a timeless character, able to shine on its own or blend with other colours.

Soft, understated chocolate and honey browns create a warm, welcoming ambience. Caramel and cappucino shades add depth to cool or neutral colour combinations.

The appearance of natural brown hues changes with its decorative purpose. Brown can accentuate fine wooden furniture with sophistication or achieve a rustic effect with raw untreated wooden textiles.



Dulux Tobacco Brown pairs well with various brown shades for a unified warm colour palette. 



Dulux Pentalite is ideal for creating a warm ambience with deep, assuring browns. 

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