Less intense than yellow but brighter than brown, mustard is a versatile colour that adds a spicy kick to any decorating scheme.
Be tempted by mustard yellow

Are you tempted by mustard yellow?

This versatile colour is smart and sassy, with both retro and modern appeal.

Mustard has been eaten as a tangy condiment since the earliest recorded times, and was even used as a medicine by ancient physicians. Mustard’s typically pungent taste is the result of a chemical reaction that takes place when the seeds are ground and mixed with water. If you love the bold taste of mustard, why not try adding a dollop of this warming hue to your own home?

Softer on the eye than vivid yellow but just as warm, mustard works in all sorts of interior spaces, from feature walls in living rooms to splashbacks in kitchens. To create a contemporary feel, combine touches of mustard with grey or white, or, if a retro look is more your style, try teaming mustard with teal, black and the natural tones of teak or rosewood.