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Enlivening Yellow

Rays of sunshine

Every new day begins with a fresh cast of sunshine. It is nature’s reminder to start our day afresh with enthusiasm.

As the natural colour of sunshine, yellow not only brightens your living spaces but also uplifts your spirits. 

While home is where you comfortably unwind after a long day, equally important is a home that sparks positive energy for a new day. The optimism of yellow is best way is to spread sunshine throughout your home.

Although yellow easily brightens any room, choosing an ideal shade is what makes the difference between loud and subtle.

Strong, saturated shades of yellow create the illusion of light, making them suitable for spaces that lack natural light. In contrast, muted pale yellows can help small rooms feel more spacious.

Being able to complement well with neutral colours, yellow is also ideal for feature walls and as an accent colour along doorways.

The wide spectrum of yellow shades offers many possibilities. Whatever the configuration of your space, simply changing a yellow hue will greatly influence the mood in a room.

akzo_antw_contentbataille-387flat__Enlivening Yellow_2048x1152.jpg
akzo_antw_contentbataille-387flat__Enlivening Yellow_2048x1152.jpg


Dulux Celestial Sun complements neutral colours and brightens rooms while retaining an overall colour scheme.

akzo_ambiance16_adam-14__Enlivening Yellow_2048x1152.jpg
akzo_ambiance16_adam-14__Enlivening Yellow_2048x1152.jpg


Dulux Pentalite is ideal for feature walls with a smooth, matt finishing. 

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