Home Décor and Easy Painting Ideas


Wall Paint expert’s painting tips for home décor

Each corner in the house needs attention and care so if you are looking for some wall paint tips and paint expert advice for easy painting and home décor or design for redesigning your home, read further. Deciding upon which wall paint and home décor style is going to fit the home gets a little tough for the people who are doing it for the first time. In that scenario, paint expert advice and painting tips come handy. To get to know about painting tips and matching a design style that fits your home’s personality you need to decide upon a few things and ask yourself a lot of whats and hows to get an accurate answer.  

Seek the answers to the following questions to choose your wall paint decorating style as it will create a foundation for easy painting as well as home designing/redesigning projects.

What are the trendiest wall paint and home décor styles?

Though there may be tons of easy painting design styles out there but according to paint expert advice, the trendiest ones are:

Modern Classic, Scandinavian, Minimalist, Mid-Century Modern, Bohemian, Industrial, French Country, Coastal and Art Deco.


What are today’s home décor trends?

The most popular wall paint and home décor trends are:

Off-trends are the new on-trends. Neutrals are the new bold colours for accent walls with dark hues to give luxury vibes to the room walls. Colourful kitchens and kids’ playrooms or bedrooms are in trend. And cosy fabrics and accessories are in the new furnishing styles. Organic polish on natural elements like wood and elements of industrial metals are making a standout impact in the home designs and décor.


How to make the wall paint of the house look beautiful on a budget?

Though it’s hard to resist not buying new items and pieces to décor the house. But if you want to stick to your budget, shift your focus on reusing the items you already have. There will be many décor items that can help you in that without compelling you to compromise with the aesthetic appeal of the house. To infuse the fresh appeal and look in the old décor elements and pieces, you can paint them in different colours or add your creativity in sync with the home décor style. Or the other way round is, buy the items from a secondhand store or garage sale for home décor if you really need to buy them. Also never buy all the items and accessories in one go. Accumulate them gradually as home décor trends keep on changing.


How to show your personality through your wall paint design style?

The best way of doing it is to mix and match your home design elements. This is one of the best ways to allow your personality to shine through your home design and décor style with an effect as if your space is designed by a pro designer. But refrain from going overwhelming with the design and décor. Instead of making a specific object a focal point of the room, design around it for a connected and continuous feel throughout.

Now when you get a clear idea about how your home’s aesthetic appeal is going to be and come to a decision, there are some crucial rules as well which you need to follow to ace your home styling like a professional designer without breaking the bank!


Painting tips to come up with great yet easy painting ideas

1: Listen to your heart to know your design and home décor style

It is easy to get confused with some home décor styles like minimalistic and Scandinavian. To resolve this and help you in knowing the design you truly want to reflect on, the list of questions is already discussed. Ask all of those questions from yourself to pick the styles which imitate your style. Otherwise, you may end up building a different design you thought of.


2: Paint expert advice says look around your space

It is crucial to have a look at your space as your décor inspiration may be hidden around you. If it is necessary then only buy some accessories and elements to emulate your style. Work on the areas which aren’t working for you. Make sure that the room has got enough natural or artificial light. And the most important thing is, have a flexible outlook as it will make it easier for you to decide what fits your taste and makes you happy down the line.


3: Get inspired

This is a very crucial step to draw your inspiration you can go through our colour inspiration section and blog page or talk to our colour consultants and designers to give the shape to your idea. Further, you can refer to some magazines and space around you to mark the styles, inspirations and elements.   


4: Follow the 3 Cs : choose, consider and curate

Consider the nitty-gritty of your room and choose elements accordingly. Think wisely and then choose accessories and elements you want to be enjoying in long run. Don’t forget the practical and functional aspect of the home while epitomizing any style. Take it easy on accessorizing your home and add elements by-and-by to make a truly standout space instead of adding all at once and making it overwhelmingly designed.


5: Make a wall paint budget and stick to it

As mentioned in the necessary questions list also, make a budget before starting any home styling and décor work. Otherwise, the visualization of having a dream home will stay a dream only as soon as the budget part will come up. To execute your dream style on a budget, reuse the stuff you already have. Redesign it if you can to enhance its aesthetics before making it an element of your new décor. If you have to buy a few things, wait for sale offers or you can buy them from a garage sale or go for second-hand pieces as well. 

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