Paint FAQs

House and Wall Colour Paint FAQs

Q.1) How long does house paint last?


The lifespan of house paint depends on various factors such as the quality of the paint, the surface it is applied to, and the environmental conditions it is exposed to. On average, well-applied and high-quality exterior paint can last anywhere between 5 to 15 years. However, some premium paints may have a longer lifespan of up to 20 years or more.

Factors such as exposure to sunlight, moisture, temperature fluctuations, and the presence of pollutants can significantly impact the durability of paint. Additionally, poor surface preparation and inadequate priming can also reduce the lifespan of paint.

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the painted surfaces, waterproofing sealant, and addressing any issues promptly, can help extend the life of the paint. Repainting is typically required when the paint starts to fade, crack, peel, or lose its protective properties. It's important to monitor the condition of the paint and consult professionals for advice on repainting timelines based on specific circumstances.

Q.2) What is the best time for the exterior painting of the house?


In Singapore, the climate is characterized by high humidity and consistent temperatures throughout the year. Due to these weather conditions, there is no specific best time for exterior painting of houses in Singapore. However, there are certain considerations to keep in mind.

It is generally advisable to avoid painting during the rainy season, which typically occurs from November to January. Excessive moisture can affect the paint's adhesion and drying process, leading to poor results.

To achieve optimal results, it is preferable to choose a period when the weather is relatively dry and mild. Months like February to April or June to September often offer more favourable conditions for exterior painting in Singapore. During these periods, the humidity is relatively lower, and there is less chance of unexpected rain showers.

Q.3) How to get paint color combinations recommendations from Dulux?


To get paint colour combination recommendations from Dulux Singapore, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Dulux Singapore website official websites to find paint colour combination recommendations.
  2. Explore the Colour Palette Section: You can browse through Dulux's colour palettes, view popular colour combinations, or even create your own custom combinations.
  3. Use the Dulux Visualizer tool: Dulux Singapore typically provides an online Colour Visualizer tool that allows you to experiment with different colour combinations virtually. 
  4. Seek professional assistance: If you're still unsure or would like expert advice, Dulux Singapore provides services where you can consult with their colour experts.
  5. Dulux Preview Service - It helps you get free and personalised colour recommendations for your home from experts in 3 easy steps: Snap, Preview, and Paint.

Q.4) Do Dulux offer painting service as well?


Yes, Dulux Singapore does offer painting services in addition to providing a wide range of paints and colour solutions

Dulux Singapore's Painting Services typically include a team of skilled and trained painters who are experienced in handling various painting projects. They use high-quality Dulux paints and follow industry-standard painting techniques to ensure a smooth and durable finish. The painters are knowledgeable about colour selection, surface preparation, and proper application methods.

Customers can benefit from Dulux Singapore's painting services by receiving expert advice on colour choices, on-site inspections, and accurate cost estimates. By availing these services, customers can save time and effort, as the painting process is handled by professionals who are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise.

Q.5) Do you need primer and putty to repaint your house?


Primer and putty are essential components when repainting a house. Primer acts as a preparatory coat, promoting better adhesion of paint to the surface, providing durability, and preventing issues like peeling or flaking. It also helps to block stains and create a consistent base colour. 

Putty is used to fill cracks, holes, and imperfections, creating a smooth and even surface for painting. It allows for repairs and enhances the overall appearance of the walls. 

While it may be possible to skip primer and putty in certain cases, using them ensures a professional and long-lasting finish by improving adhesion, coverage, and surface preparation. 

Also ask these 5 questions before you paint a house exterior.

Q.6) What is the painting cost per square feet on an average?


The painting cost per square foot can vary depending on various factors such as the location, material quality, complexity of the project, type of paint, and the level of expertise required. The per sqft rates for Dulux Paint types will depend on the specific product and its variant. Dulux provides a wide selection of paint products at various price points. 

To obtain an accurate estimate, one can contact Dulux via their official website or can call for customer support on (65) 6265 0677

Q.7) How many colours can I choose from? Do Dulux provide colour wheel card?


When it comes to choosing colors for your painting project, the number of options can be quite extensive. Dulux provide an extensive color palette with numerous shades, tones, and schemes for you to choose from basic hues to intricate shades and tones. 

Additionally, Dulux, offer online tools like Dulux Visualizer App and Dulux Preview Services that enable you to digitally browse and experiment with various color options. These tools often provide additional features such as virtual room visualization, color matching, and recommendations for complementary or contrasting colors. By utilizing these resources, one can easily find the perfect colors to bring your dream painting project to life.

Q.8) What is the cost of 1 litre of paint?


The cost of 1 litre of paint can range depends on a number of variables, including the product, quality, kind of paint (interior, exterior, etc.), as well as the area or nation. Visit Paint calculator of Dulux  for an estimate of the quantity of paint needed for your project.

Q.9) Which is the most durable paint finish


TThe most durable paint finish depends on the specific needs and requirements of the surface being painted. Dulux is known for creating premium paint products that are renowned for their longevity and durability. Dulux offers the wide range of products finishes such as:-

High Gloss finish - It offers a long-lasting and glossy surface while being more environmentally friendly than conventional enamels because it is water-based. It provides a smooth and shiny appearance that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Matt finish - offers a non-reflective, smooth, and velvety appearance. Dulux Matt finish is commonly used for interior walls and ceilings, providing a stylish and modern finish to any space.

Sheen finish - It offers a moderate level of reflection, giving walls and surfaces a soft and lustrous appearance. Dulux Sheen finish is commonly used for interior walls, trim, and woodwork, adding a touch of elegance and durability to any space.

Satin Finish - Satin paint strikes a balance between a matte and gloss finish, providing a subtle sheen that is resistant to stains and scuffs. This finish is often preferred for walls, doors, and trim in areas that experience moderate wear and tear.

It's important to note that correct surface preparation, paint quality, and application methods can all affect how long a paint finish lasts.

Q.10) What are the features of Dulux Paints Painting Service?


Dulux Paints offers a comprehensive and customer-centric painting service with a range of notable features. These features are intended to guarantee clients' safety and convenience while offering a hassle-free and professional painting experience. Among the primary characteristics of Dulux Paints Painting Service are:

Experience Without Hassles: Dulux strives to make the painting process as easy for consumers as possible. We offer a seamless and streamlined experience, taking care of all the necessary preparations and logistics, from the initial consultation through project completion.

Professional Painters: Dulux employs qualified and seasoned professional painters who have been taught to produce results of the highest calibre. These painters have the knowledge and skills necessary to guarantee an accurate and high-quality paint job.

Site Inspection: Dulux performs a comprehensive site examination as part of its service. As a result, their staff evaluate the state of the surfaces, pinpoint any special needs, and make specialized recommendations for the best paint solutions.

Covid guidelines: Dulux places a high priority on customer safety and rigorously complies with COVID-19 guidelines when providing painting services. This entails taking the essential procedures to provide a safe and healthy workplace for both clients and painters, such as donning personal protective equipment and according to sanitization instructions.

By providing these features, Dulux strives to meet customer expectations, deliver exceptional results, and ensure a positive and satisfying painting experience.

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