Interior Paint FAQs

1. What are the different types of interior products Dulux Singapore offer?

Dulux Singapore has a great selection of interior paints, each designed with special features to enhance your home.

  • For those busy areas in the house that seem to attract stains,Dulux Wash & Wear comes in handy. It's available in both sheen and matt finishes, making it versatile for any room. What's great about this paint is its KidProof+ Technology, which stops stains in their tracks, making them easy to wipe off. Plus, it has anti-bacterial and Silver Ion Technology to fight against bacteria and certain viruses.
  • When it comes to keeping your walls free from mould and fungus, Dulux Pentalite is the go-to. It's a smooth matt finish paint that not only looks good but also has Hygiene+ technology to keep your walls healthy. And with Procover+ technology, you get better coverage, so your walls stay looking fresh.
  • If you're leaning towards a more eco-friendly option, Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased is perfect. It's a premium paint with a sheen finish that uses sustainable ingredients, like bamboo charcoal, to clean your indoor air. It's also anti-formaldehyde and resists bacteria, algae, and fungi, making it a healthy choice for your home.
  • For a tough and washable finish, there's Dulux Ambiance All. This all-in-one premium emulsion works on all interior surfaces and offers everything from durability to anti-bacterial properties. Plus, it has a low odour, making it pleasant to use in any space.


2. What are the different types of paint finishes available at Dulux?

  • High Gloss: Known for its shiny, reflective surface, high gloss paint is the most durable and easiest to clean. For those special touches around your home like doors, window frames, and furniture, Dulux Stellar High Gloss is a fantastic choice. It's crafted specifically for metal and wood, ensuring these surfaces get a glossy and durable finish. (Dulux Stellar also comes in satin and semi-gloss finishes.)
  • Matt Finish: For those who love a smooth, elegant look without any shine, matt finish is the go-to. It's great at hiding imperfections on walls and ceilings, offering a sophisticated touch. Dulux Pentalite and Dulux Wash & Wear (Matt) are standout choices here, providing not just the desired matt look but also benefits like hygiene+ technology and stain resistance, keeping your walls looking effortlessly clean.
  • Sheen Finish: Sheen finish is a happy medium between matt and gloss, offering a slight shine that brings a warm and inviting feel to rooms. Under this finish, we have Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased, Dulux Wash & Wear (Sheen), and Dulux Ambiance All. (Dulux Wash & Wear and Dulux Ambiance All have a slightly lower sheen, making them perfect for areas where you want durability without too much shine, such as living rooms and bedrooms.)
  • Satin Finish: If you're after a finish that's not too shiny but not too dull, satin is your ideal match. It offers a medium level of sheen that's particularly good for wood and metal surfaces, making it a solid choice for doors, window frames, and skirting boards. Dulux Satinwood is perfect for these tasks, giving a durable and protective satin finish that enhances the beauty of your home's details.


3. How long does it take to complete the interior paint job?

The time it takes to complete an interior paint job can vary depending on several factors like the size of the space, the number of coats needed, and the complexity of the project. On average, a small to medium-sized room can take a few days, while larger projects might need a week or more. The key steps include preparation, priming (if necessary), painting, and drying time between coats.

Preparation is important and can impact the overall timeline. This involves moving furniture, taping edges, and covering floors to protect against spills. Using Dulux interior paint, which is designed for smooth application and excellent coverage, can help streamline the painting process.

For those unsure about choosing the right colours, Dulux offers the Dulux Preview Service. This convenient service helps you visualize your space in your chosen colours before committing, ensuring you get the look just right in 3 easy steps: Snap, Preview, and Paint.

If you're looking for professional assistance, Dulux can help you find a reliable painter through the Find a Painter service. Select painters near you, get a free quote, and ensure your interior paint job is completed efficiently and to a high standard.

Remember, the drying time between coats is essential for a durable finish, so it's important not to rush the process.


4. How often should interior walls be painted?

Generally, it's a good idea to give your walls a fresh coat of paint every 5 to 7 years. However, high-traffic areas like hallways and kids' rooms might need a touch-up more often, maybe every 2 to 3 years, due to marks and scuffs.

Living rooms and adult bedrooms, which usually see less wear and tear, can go longer without needing a new paint job. But, if you notice the paint is starting to look dull or dirty, or if you're just ready for a change, it might be time to repaint.

Dulux offers a wide range of interior wall paints designed to suit every need, from washable paints that make cleaning up spills a breeze to durable options perfect for busy family homes. Plus, with Dulux's Preview Service, you can easily find the perfect shade to refresh your space, whether you're looking for a bold new look or a subtle change.


5. Are the Dulux paints environment-friendly and low-VOC paints?

Yes, Dulux has a range of paints that are both environment-friendly and low in VOCs, making them a great choice for your home. These paints are designed to minimize their impact on the environment and improve the air quality inside your home.

  • Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased is a standout option for those looking for eco-friendly interior paint. It's made with sustainable ingredients, including active bamboo charcoal, which helps clear out harmful indoor pollutants. Plus, it's USDA-certified biobased, showing its commitment to being environmentally friendly. This paint also combats bacteria, mould, and fungus, keeping your walls clean and your home healthy.
  • Dulux Ambiance All is another excellent choice, especially if you're looking for paint that's easy on the environment and on your nose. It's low in odour and has been certified by the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme as an environmentally preferred product. This paint is tough on stains but gentle on the planet, offering superior coverage and durability while also being washable and antibacterial.
  • Dulux Wash & Wear offers the benefits of being both low in VOCs and environmentally friendly. This paint makes cleaning easy, allowing you to wipe away common household stains without stress. It's also equipped with Silver Ion Technology, providing added protection against certain viruses, and is designed to keep your walls looking fresh for longer, thanks to its anti-mould and anti-fungus properties.
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