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White Stripes

A class of its own

Few things stand the test of time and also remain relevant at all times. When it comes to colours, white is in its class of its own. A classic colour that never goes out of style, always setting and staying ahead of trends.

The exciting possibilities of white means you can never go wrong with it. Any of variation of white, be it pure crisp white or creamy ivory, makes a perfect foundation for any interior design.

Instantly refreshing, white reflects light to brighten your spaces, making them appear larger and ceilings to look taller. White is commonly used in modern contemporary interiors to let your furniture and accessories shine.

Clean and simple white walls also give you confidence to experiment and introduce new colours to interiors. But if you prefer to keep only to white, combining or layering different white shades helps to highlight textures within your interiors.

No colour signals good hygiene better than white, which explains why white is found in many bathrooms and kitchens. Anything that appears on surfaces is easily spotted. When cleanliness is restored, interiors quickly feel safe and inviting once more.


Dulux Nova White pairs well with soft textured furniture to create calming and uplifting interiors.



Dulux Light and Space is ideal for brightening rooms with either crisp or cream whites. 

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