Timeless living room created with delicate, classic colours
Stir the soul with classic colours

Stir the soul with classic colours

Find inspiration in the timeless beauty of art and nature.

If you’ve ever found solace in the fragile tones of impressionist paintings or looked to nature for inspiration, you’ll find comfort in the soothing tones of these classic colour palettes. Inspired by the beauty of Old Masters paintings and gardens in bloom, these colours encourage you to explore new horizons, stumble upon surprises and fall in love with art and nature all over again.

Look to colours that warm your heart and take up residence in your consciousness. Think warm mauves and floral pinks offset by golden bronzes and muted tones like linen and hessian. Pair the delicate shades found in dreamy artworks with crisp white and intense violet for a sophisticated yet subtle look or recreate a stirring sunset with dusty pink, mustard yellow and flesh-toned neutrals.

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