Painting stripes in varying sizes and colours is an easy way to transform your space.

Create a bold feature wall with painted stripes

Add an artistic touch to any room with a striped feature wall.

Stripes on a wall can create a stunning effect in a room – and you don’t even need to be confident with a paintbrush to replicate this look in your own home. This effect is all about expressing your personality through paint, so feel free to let your creativity take flight!

This look works best when the lines aren’t perfectly straight, so you may just want to draw a faint pencil line as a guide – or go completely free hand. Uneven numbers look better than even, so we recommend choosing three, five or seven stripes. The height you paint the stripes will depend to a certain extent on the proportions of the room but if you’re painting the stripes horizontally, try positioning them at eye height to help create a focal point.

When it comes to choosing your colours, it’s best to pick complimentary colours that sit next to each on the colour spectrum. If you’re aiming for a cosy, intimate feel in your room, steer towards warm hues, such as rich purples, bold blues and vivid reds. For a more subtle look, look to paler hues like soft yellow, cream and dove grey.

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