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Easy Painting Ideas for House Walls 

Wall Painting Design Ideas for Creating Invigorating Living Corners and Spaces 

Picking a beautiful and pleasing wall painting design is a must for the tasteful decoration of the house. A house can never be a perfect space if it doesn’t have welcoming vibes. So here are some easy painting color choices for you to pick one or more as your wall painting design.  

1. Glossy white

White is an easy painting color to go for if you want your house to reflect sophistication and class. White looks rich, clean, and glamorous and leaves an extended scope to play with any color of furniture and accessories. 

2. Vibrant baby blue

Bright wall paint design always creates a warm yet serene feel to the house spaces. Strokes of bright and light shades of blue bring in an ocean vibe to your space along with making it look spacious and airy. 

3. Cheerful yellow

Vibrant yellow is enough to add a pop of colors to any wall of the house if you are looking for easy painting color ideas; it is one of the favorites of interior designers. Pick any of its shades and complement it with the earthy shades’ furniture as it will round off the brightness and boldness of the color if you are picking the dark shades.

4. Emerald green

It looks rich and luxurious and can instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. So, if you want an expensive and luxurious look in your bedroom or living room, regal emerald green can be the perfect easy painting color. To accentuate the space in this color you can use wooden-brown furniture, frames, and ornate mirrors. 

5. Lavish purple

If you want a plush tone wall paint design but don’t want green, purple is another perfect option for you as it looks expensive, royal, and rich. To make it a judicious choice, use the furniture and linens in light colors such as white or off-white or cream or light grey.

6. Radiant red

Crimson red may sound a little off-beat color but it is an interesting color for your living room walls as it can make your room look welcoming and inviting.  And if you want to break the pattern, you can pair it with white or black.

7. Slate grey

Slate grey is an unconventional and intelligent wall painting design choice as it can effortlessly add a crisp look to any home space. To break the monotony and dullness of the color, you can pair it with white and matte black furniture and some monochromatic art pieces. 

8. Persian blue

You can make a rich and expensive statement with this color as it is an aesthetically very beautiful color that can add grace, glamor, and elegance altogether. To create an elegant look with this shade, you can couple it with minimalistic rugs, white couches, and sleek décor pieces.

9. Soft pink

If you want a soft and decent yet a pretty shade for your room walls, elegant pink is there.

10. Charcoal black

Embellish the walls with charcoal black if you want an inventive and bold wall paint.

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