Trendy Waterproofing Paint Colours

From Functionality to Fashion: Explore Trendy Waterproofing Paint Colours

Waterproofing paint isn't just about clear coats or basic shades anymore.

Singapore is known for its humid climate and sudden rain showers. While this might be a relief from the heat, it isn’t always the best for home exteriors. Regular paint can peel, show damp patches, and even lead to fungal growth after prolonged exposure to this humidity. In such a scenario, the need for waterproofing solutions becomes important.

But it’s not just about keeping water out anymore. With the evolution of home design, "waterproofing" has taken a trendy twist, blending functionality with style. Nobody wants to compromise the look of their homes just to keep water out. Thankfully, with the advancements in paint technology, they don’t have to.


Turning Waterproofing into a Style Statement

Waterproofing paint isn't just about clear coats or basic shades anymore. This year has seen a surge in a blend of nature and modern trends. Whether you’re looking for something cheerful, earthy, or modern, there's a colour to match every preference and style.


Deep Blues for Serenity

The deep blues have a kind of magic, bringing serenity and depth reminiscent of the ocean to your home exterior. It’s a favourite for those wanting their home to stand out subtly but significantly, creating a serene vibe right at the doorstep.

Blue paint colour

Earthy Greens for a Breath of Fresh Air

Earthy greens are in, offering a tranquil, nature-like retreat vibe for your home exterior. They blend perfectly if you have a garden, creating a seamless transition from home to nature.


Classic Neutrals, Timeless Choice

Neutrals never really go out of style. Elegant and versatile, they provide a subtle backdrop that allows other colours or features of your home to shine. It's about balance and elegance, and neutrals do it best.


Sunny Yellows for a Warm Welcome

Sunny yellows are making an entrance, embodying the brightness and warmth of a day bathed in sunlight. If you're looking for an exterior colour that’s cheerful, inviting, and full of positive energy, a shade of yellow might be your perfect match.

Yellow paint colour

Terracotta Reds for Earthy Warmth

Terracotta reds offer a warm, earthy, and natural feel. This hue is grounded yet vibrant, making your home look cosy and inviting. It’s a nod to traditional clay tiles and pottery, bringing a rustic charm to modern Singapore homes.


Soft Greys for Modern Elegance

Soft greys exude sophistication and modernity. These tones are cool, chic, and incredibly adaptable, fitting perfectly with different architectural styles. If you’re aiming for a contemporary and sleek look, soft greys will do the trick.

Grey wall colour

Why Settle for Less When You Can Have Both Style and Protection?

As we explore these trendy colours, let's also look into the solutions offered by Dulux. For homeowners seeking reliable waterproofing along with a stylish finish, Dulux presents two remarkable products: Dulux Weathershield and Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx.


Dulux Weathershield: Ultimate Protection with Style

Dulux Weathershield offers unparalleled protection against Singapore’s climate while boasting a palette of trendy colours. It guarantees advanced waterproofing, shielding your home from rain and troubling moisture. But the protection doesn't end there: it actively prevents peeling and fights against the growth of fungus, keeping your home’s exterior fresh and stylish.


Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx: The Next Level of Home Protection

  • For those seeking extra protection, Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx offers the benefits of a standard Weathershield but with added features.

  • Its Keep Cool™ Technology works tirelessly, reflecting heat and cooling the surface temperature by up to 5°C. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling good too.

  • With your home staying cooler, expect to see savings on your energy bills, with up to a 15% reduction on the cooling front.

  • Colour Lock Technology is here to make sure your chosen colours stay vibrant and protected from the harsh sun, keeping your home looking fabulous year after year.

  • It’s a powerhouse, crafted with premium elements to resist dirt and dust, ward off cracks, and provide a remarkable six years of weather protection.

  • And for those who appreciate the subtle things, the low-odour formula of Weathershield Powerflexx is indeed a delightful touch.


With waterproofing paint colours now serving both protection and aesthetic purposes, you can rejoice in having options that cater to both of your needs. At Dulux, you can find paint tailored for every home in Singapore. Whether it's the steadfast Weathershield or the advanced Weathershield Powerflexx, your home will not only be protected but will also radiate with long-lasting, captivating colours.

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