Home Decoration Secrets, Tips, and Ideas

Home Decoration Secrets, Tips, and Ideas

It takes guts to design your home by yourself and picking right room decoration if you don’t have that designer core in you. Designing a beautiful home and doing all room decoration without any room décor ideas is not an easy job, but with these hit home decoration ideas and room décor ideas secrets, and tips, followed by designers while decorating homes and living spaces, you can turn your home’s flaws into power. 


1. Start with the exterior 

Exterior of a home tells the vibe of the entire space. It gives an insight out about what kind of people are living in there. Exterior paint and room decoration are very important parts which don’t deserve you giving up on them when it is about putting the best home decoration ideas into practice. Because it is the reflection of your personality, taste, and characteristics.


2. Add the welcoming vibe at entrance 

Entrance door is going to create the first impression about a home and the conduct of people living inside. It shows how welcoming you are. So, as a host you need to make sure that whoever is going to visit you should feel welcoming. And this vibe can be added by painting colours which are warm, glossy, and welcoming and applying designer approved home decoration ideas as it’s going to create the first impression about you. 


3. Time to colour up interior walls 

Right room décor ideas say each inside wall of the house should have bright and happy colours on it. Choose a paint for them according their sizes, locations, and style you want to create in the house. Contemporary designers are more inclined to the neutral colours of the palette like gray, beige as it gives a transitional effect to the walls along with flexibility to play with décor, which look really nice and you can also take inspiration from them.     


4. Create a dazzling living room 

It’s everyone’s favorite place in the house, right? It’s the place which makes house a home. This is the center space of the home where we all come together, sit, talk, and have fun with kids, parents, and friends. So, this place really should be beautiful and inspiring keeping the homely feel intact. Depending on your taste and style you like the most, you can pick any colour from the palette but make sure that you are mixing the right colours and using right combinations while focusing on any kind of living room décor idea. 


5. Enlighten your kitchen

Colours shouldn’t be harsh on any corner. Dark colour cabinets with light shade on the walls, or colours placed too far in the colour spectrum can be seen favoring a kitchen well. To give your kitchen a decent and elegant look, hang light weight sheers in light colours made up of linen, silk, or cotton to blend well with the feel of the space.


6. Create minimalistic rooms

If rooms are small in size, pour neutral and natural colour on them as it will make them look bigger. Move up or down a shade or two in the palette for minimal variations to give them functional and elegant appeal.


7. Décor with crafts and art pieces 

Don’t stack up too much in the house as it will restrict the functionality and the flaw of the place. Hang light weight sheers and drapes on the screened panels, and switch up to the light and as minimalistic as possible accessories, arts, and craft pieces. And also, don’t ignore right lightning in the house. Isolated décor and mismatched furnishing make your home look unorganized and scattered. So be careful while choosing rugs, sofas, center and side tables, frames and paintings. Each of them should synchronize with each other and the colour of walls.

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