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Why does Every Building Structure Need to be Painted with a Waterproof Paint?

Reasons Why Nobody Can Turn a Blind Eye to the Need for Waterproof Paint

As a top paint manufacturer company in the World, Dulux sees a lot of problems reported related to decay and damage due to inadequate waterproofing of buildings and their internal structure. It is not an overstatement that Waterproofing is a necessary construction requirement. Because if you do not stop the water ingress on time, it will make your building damage at a rapid pace. Water ingress hit upon the stability and durability of the structure, thus reducing its service life. And here comes the role of waterproof paint. Waterproof paint for wall is used to save the integrity of a structure by forming a protective coating on the surface. So here we have listed out a few reasons why waterproof paint   and waterproofing in buildings is important:

Risk prevention

Having the right waterproofing solutions is important for the construction of any building to reduce the risk of damage and human life. Because poorly done waterproofing will lead to damage not only to the entire structure but to human lives too.

Building regulations

In order to ensure that a structure stays safe and sustainable, every developer is required to follow these guidelines given by the government.

Prevent unnecessary costs

Paying for damages always costs more than adopting preventive measures. Waterproof paint for wall, roof waterproofing, and other waterproofing techniques are effective preventive measures to protect any building from being damaged. A building damaged by water needs high-cost repairs especially if the building is subject to corrosion.

What could happen to a building if it is not waterproofed?

1. Poor waterproofing of the concrete and walls causes a high risk to the integrity of the structure and leads to structural damage.

2. The building structure may be exposed to more serious problems including leaks, spalling, and deterioration due to cracks in the foundation or joints.

3. One of the most difficult problems to correct waterproofing problems is mold growth. Water penetration leads to delamination or rotting if the building is of wood. Also, this causes the same issues with the wood furniture.

4. Water ingress leads to mold spores and damp stains on the wall and which are very dangerous to the health prospect. Mold spores can lead to allergies, irritation, asthma, and fungal infections. 

Solution of the problem

It is easy to tackle the minor problems associated with moisture, seepage, and leakage. Using waterproof paint for wall, you can prevent such minor problems. Dulux manufactures waterproof paint for wall, waterproof paint and other innovative technologies for waterproofing all types of buildings and structures to prevent water leaks and moisture penetration into both new and existing structures. And a wide range of products including waterproof paint which is also the easiest to apply is the best and rendering the best solutions to every category of building structure be residential, industrial, or commercial. 

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