Recreate the bliss of seaside holidays with a colour scheme based around aquatic blues.

Bringing the Beach Vibe with Coastal Blue Interiors

Are you ready to bring the beach vibes home?

The call of the waves, the salty air, and the vast, soothing blue stretching to the horizon – it’s pure magic! While we might not be able to shift our homes to the beachfront, we can certainly bring a touch of that seaside magic indoors.


Tranquility of Coastal Blue

The heart and soul of any beach-inspired haven is the coastal blue colour. This isn't your everyday blue. It’s the shade that captures both the depth of the deep sea and the playful ripples at the shoreline. It has the power to bring the serene vibes of the ocean right to your doorstep.

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Crafting Your Seaside Colour Story

Creating that dreamy coastal feel isn’t just about splashing blue all over. It's about harmoniously mixing shades and crafting a coastal colour palette that sings the songs of the sea.

  • Embracing the Deep: Dive in with profound blues – think of the shade the sea turns at dusk or just before a storm. Cobalt and ultramarine shades can bring in a sense of depth and drama.

  • Playing with the Waves: Add a touch of the shallows with lighter shades like aqua. Picture the colour the sea turns when the sun shines directly overhead – vibrant, lively, and oh-so-inviting.

  • Sands and Shells: Every beach story has its neutrals. Warm sandy beige, cool greys, and the softest whites mimic the beach and the treasures that lie upon it.
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The Beach Beyond the Bathroom

You might first think of the bathroom for a beachy redo, but the coastal vibe fits beautifully in every room.

  • Living Room: A soft blue on the walls, neutral couches reminiscent of sandy shores, and hints of deep blue accessories can instantly make your living room feel like a beach house lounge.

  • Dreamy Bedrooms: Light blue bedspreads, deep blue accents in cushions or drapes, and maybe a touch of whitewashed furniture? Every night can feel like a seaside holiday.

  • Kitchens with a Splash: Think of white cabinetry offset by blue tiles, and wooden or wicker touches. It's like preparing meals at a beach cottage every day!
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While the actual beach might be miles away, with the right shades and accents from the coastal colour palette, you can bask in the beach's serenity every day. With the perfect blend of deep and light coastal blue colour shades, and some seaside-inspired touches, your home can be that tranquil seaside escape you've always dreamt of. So, are you ready to bring the beach vibes home?

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