Blue in Your Living Room

How to Incorporate Blue in Your Living Room?

Living Room Colours

Monochromatic spaces are the big design trend of the year 2021. There is nothing quite as chic and edgy as sticking to a bold color and dictating the entire design aesthetic around that. The color in focus here are the hues of blue. Our colors like Casa Blue, Regal Blue, Wira Blue, Phantom Blue, and Indian Bead are ideal in this case. Their bold hues, full-bodied character and vivaciousness can give any living room the monochromatic facelift that you are looking for. Here we will talk of the various ways in which you can incorporate the color blue in your living room. So let’s get started!

Create an Overall Space:

The best and the most well-treaded path is to create an overall blue space. In this case you could use a deep shade such as Phantom Blue and paint the ceiling and a single wall in the color. Follow it with the right accents furniture, and rugs in the differing shades of blue to create a wild contrast and a play of the same shade in different characters. This will also create the illusion of more floor space. 

Elise and Sweet Violet:

You can use this combination to create an eclectic space. By using an Elise accent wall to accentuate the blue element and add that to the subtle greys of sweet violet. Keep it crisp with a neutral white on white ceiling to bring out the inane characters of the colors better. You can use pale but statement furnishings to give the room a definitive and airy body. 

Classic Mistral with a Brick Wall:

Looking to create a youthful space? This is the best bet. Mistral is a classic icy blue shade that can flow into any room and own it. Pair it with rugged and raw brick walls to bring in the best combination of elements together. This is a subtle yet very effective design ethic. In fact, if your attempt was to accentuate the blue, then the brick wall will give it the bare palette to outshine and the room will look much more blue than the color you are aiming to incorporate. Your living room us bound to look more bright and warm.

Regal Blue:

Regal blue is the best color to incorporate blue in your living room, if you are treading over the space of the teal family as well. This will add a great leap of elegance to your room and also keep it chic yet casual. Thinking of the design accents to it? Add in some leather pieces here and there and this would be such a statement living room!

A living room is the most used part of the house. Families spend the maximum time in this space recreating, snuggling and making memories. Changing it to suit your personality and needs every now and then is a great and refreshing idea. Going through the monochromatic route to create strong and subtle spaces is a great way to go ahead. We hope that this list gave you a plethora of ideas to start with your makeover process! 

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