Looking to give your living room an edge? Take inspiration from masculine tailoring to create your own dramatic den.
How to fashion a masculine interior

How to fashion a masculine interior

Balance dark hues and bold furniture with soft touches.

Handsome hues

Elegant masculine tailoring is all over the catwalks, reflecting the modern urban man: confident yet understated. To recreate this look in your own home, start with a colour palette of dark, sultry hues – think charcoals, rich chocolate browns and dark moody blues and greys. Enhance the dramatic atmosphere with masculine furniture in similarly dark colours, such as a large black chesterfield sofa or a mahogany table.

Embrace your softer side

Spaces with lots of straight edges and hard lines can often feel imposing. Adding some softer touches to your masculine interior will help you create a balanced look. Why not try introducing flowing, organic curves by using lush greenery and stylish pot plants to bring a natural touch to the space?

Texture is another easy way to add softness to your room. The simple addition of a luxurious velvet cushion, a sisal rug or chunky knits will all help to give your space depth, lifting it from cold to inviting.

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