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Harmonious Blue

A natural space of calm for your mind

Looking into a clear blue sky or across an expansive sea horizon, we find a still of calmness that frees us.

The soothing shades of blue instill a cool environment within the home, a place to slow down and detach from stress. Find your harmony of blue, either light and airy or dark and mysterious, to make your home beautiful, where you can recollect yourself.

Blue is the easiest colour to experiment with. While some may find red to be too intense, yellow too bright, orange too tricky, blue offers an ideal balance. Neither overly masculine nor too feminine, there is an ideal blue tone for everyone.


No colour combination is more classic than blue and white. Pale blues paired with white make a trusted combination that inspires calmness and relaxation.

Deep shades such as navy or cobalt blue help shape a luxurious, yet meditative ambience for you to embrace time alone. These darker blue shades also contrast well with neutral and bright colours for a touch of youthful elegance.

Whatever the shade, you will never outgrow your home with calming blues.


Dulux Fountain Mist pairs well with white accents and furniture to brighten rooms.



Dulux Wash & Wear is ideal for maintaining crisp blue shades with washable walls. 

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