Turn a Master Bedroom Design into a Masterpiece

Turn a Master Bedroom Design into a Masterpiece

Wake up with a grin in the lap of the most vibrant and smiling corner of your house every morning. Bedroom is such a place where we all rest and want to sleep in comfort after having a tiresome day. Wall décor is an important and not to miss step of master bedroom design process because none of us want to stay confined in a plain, boring, and unfinished bedroom. Since wall décor plays an important role to transform your master bedroom design, so here are some ideas for you from hanging some creative displays to attractive wallpaper and décor.  

Give a texture to accent wall

Adding textures let you be playful with the basic décor of the house and works as a foundation for all other kinds of crafts, décor and art pieces. For the accent wall of the bedroom, choose the most comfortable and attractive texture i.e., fabric. Upholster the wall with velvet fabric in the matching or contrast against the rest of three walls. The accent wall with textured designs looks complete and cosy without any other décor or art pieces on it.

Give space to antlers and sculptures

Depending on how you want antlers and sculptures to appear, they can be glamorous, rustic, and classic. To add a style to room, you can choose a metallic version or rustic tone against the textile layers of the accent wall. And if you want to create something vintage along with adding dimension to the décor, choose vintage style sculptures for royal print textured walls. 

Shuffle Placement

Hanging one piece above the bed has been a little outdated trend though it is still in demand, but why to stick on it when we have so much to experiment. To add more drama and character to the room, choose wacky placements for all the items and objects and try to surround all walls. Hang two large abstract paintings on the parallel walls and connect their mood with two small art pieces hanging on rest two of the walls if the room space allows you to do so. 

Create a Gallery Wall

Breaking the monotony and being unconventional is trendy. Create the asymmetrical gallery wall to warms up the surroundings and infuse more of your personal vibes to make it connected. If looking for saving a big penny without compromising with the idea, mix the artwork with vintage frames and pieces. 

Suspend at least one stylish piece from ceiling 


You don't have to over burden your room space with too many art pieces. Just single statement making decorative piece above console, bed, or fireplace can do all the hard work for you without being brutal on your pocket. 

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