Textured Wall Designs for Bedroom

Revamp Your Walls With Textured Paints to Create a Stunning Bedroom

Textured walls offer a distinctive blend of aesthetics and sensation.

For those unfamiliar, textured paint is not your ordinary paint. It's thicker and contains particles that give it a distinct gritty appearance. This type of paint creates a textured surface on walls, ceilings, and even floors. In a place like Singapore, where every inch of space counts, having a textured wall can provide that much-needed depth and dimension without compromising on space.


Why Choose Textured Walls for Your Bedroom?

  • Visual Depth and Dimension: Textured paint is more than just a colour choice, it’s a design statement. It adds depth, reflecting light in varying degrees, making your bedroom walls come alive.

  • Master of Disguise: Whether it's a minor crack, dent, or imperfection, textured paints are excellent at concealing these flaws, making them almost invisible.

  • Luxury at Your Fingertips: The tactile experience of running your fingers over a textured surface exudes luxury and sophistication.

  • An Array of Options: Whether you're in love with the rustic look of sand finishes or the soft ripples of the knockdown technique, there's a textured paint style for everyone.
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Textured Paint Designs for the Bedroom

So, if you're looking to revamp your bedroom into a sanctuary of elegance and relaxation, here are some enticing wall texture designs to consider:

Classic Master Bedroom: Timeless Elegance
Texture Choice: Subtle Satin Sheen

For classic lovers, a satin sheen on the walls brings a timeless sophistication. This texture catches the light, providing a gentle glow to the bedroom. Pair this with wooden accents and soft linens in muted tones to maintain that classic serenity.

Rustic Retreat: Warm and Earthy
Texture Choice: Raw Clay Finish

Immerse your bedroom in an earthy charm with a raw clay finish. This texture exudes warmth and brings you closer to nature. Combined with wooden beams or furniture, and soft drapery, this design speaks of a countryside haven in the heart of Singapore.

Sleek and Modern: Contemporary Chic
Texture Choice: Matte Geometric Patterns

For the modernists, a bedroom adorned with geometric patterns in a matte finish sets the tone. Triangles, hexagons, or sleek lines in monochromatic palettes not only add depth but also bring a modern edge. Chrome or metallic accents complement this look beautifully.

Boho Vibes: Eclectic and Free-Spirited
Texture Choice: Whimsical Watercolour Splashes

Bring your walls to life with abstract watercolour textures. Let the colours flow, merge, and tell a story. Soft pastels or deep jewel tones against bohemian decor pieces and woven textiles create a dreamy sanctuary.

Luxurious Suite: Opulent and Regal
Texture Choice: Velvet Finish with Gold Accents

Dreaming of luxury? Transform your bedroom with walls that mimic a plush velvet touch, intermittently drizzled with gold patterns. Rich hues of navy, emerald, or deep purple, when contrasted with gold, evoke a royal vibe. Pair this with elegant furniture and rich fabrics.

Minimalist Zen: Calm and Uncluttered
Texture Choice: Neutral Sand Texture

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For those who believe in 'less is more', a sand-textured wall in soft beige or grey provides a calming backdrop. Minimalistic furniture, subtle decor, and lots of open space ensure a peaceful, Zen-like atmosphere.

Vintage Charm: Old World Feel
Texture Choice: Weathered Plaster Look

Rekindle the romance of the past with a weathered plaster texture. This aged look, combined with antique furniture and vintage decor pieces, transports you to another era.


The How-To of Applying Textured Paint

  • Preparation is Key: As with any painting job, start with a clean slate. Ensure the wall is free from dust and old peeling paint. Given Singapore's humid climate, checking for mould or dampness is crucial.

  • Selecting the Right Tools: Depending on the texture you desire, you might need different tools. Brushes, rollers, and trowels are commonly used. For more intricate patterns, specialized tools might be required.

  • Mix and Test: Before you dive in, mix your textured paint well. Since consistency is key, consider doing a patch test to ensure you’re happy with the texture.

  • Get Painting: Once satisfied, you can start painting. Use consistent strokes and ensure even distribution for a uniform look.

  • Add Finishing Touches: Allow the textured paint to dry. Depending on the style and look you're aiming for, you might want to add a final protective layer or paint over with a colour of your choice.
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Caring for Your Textured Wall

With proper care, your textured wall can remain as stunning as ever. Wipe off any dust regularly. For deeper cleaning, use a damp cloth or sponge. Remember to avoid harsh chemicals that might damage the texture.

Textured paint is a simple yet effective way to give your bedroom walls a facelift. Whether you're going for a sophisticated look or a rustic charm, textured walls can set the right mood. So, next time you think of revamping your bedroom, let textured paint be your muse!

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