Metal care

Whether you are a DIY or professional painter, metal care has never been simpler and more convenient

Perfection comes easily with Hammerite. Achieve perfect results faster with only one product and barely any preparation. Whether you are a DIY or professional painter, metalcare has never been simpler and more convenient. It is a product that simplifies the metalcare process and helps you achieve perfect results in less time.


Step 1: Preparation

Before starting, it's important to prepare the surface you will be painting. Remove any rust or loose paint using a wire brush or sandpaper. Clean the surface thoroughly with Hammerite Brush Cleaner and Thinners to ensure there is no dirt, grease or oil left behind. This will allow for better adhesion and a smoother finish.

Hammerite applied directly to rust

Step 2: Apply Hammerite

Hammerite is a topcoat, primer, and rust preventer all in one. This means you can apply it directly to the these metal surface without any additional preparation. Use a good quality brush to apply Hammerite evenly in thin coats, allowing each coat to dry for 4 hours before applying the next one. 


Hammerite Advantages


Direct to Rust 

One of the advantages of Hammerite is its ability to go directly to rust. This means you don't need to remove all the rust before painting. Hammerite's unique formula chemically converts rust into a stable compound, preventing further corrosion. However, if there is loose rust, it must be removed before painting.


Direct to Galvanised 

Hammerite can also be applied directly to galvanised metal surfaces. This is thanks to its excellent adhesion properties and rust prevention technology. No priming is required, simply clean the surface and apply Hammerite directly.

By following these simple steps, you can achieve perfect results with Hammerite. It saves time, minimises maintenance cycles and maximises savings. As a professional painter, it's the perfect product to have in your toolkit. We hope these professional painter tips have been helpful to you. Happy painting!

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