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Ultimate Metal Protection

Ultimate Metal Protection

Hammerite provides the ultimate protection for your metals. As the globally recognised expert dedicated to metalcare, Hammerite keeps your metal strong and beautiful for longer. It offers 5x better anti-rust protection compared to regular metal paint. 

As a pioneer in metalcare Hammerite was founded in 1962 in the UK and since then expanded across the globe. It is now a trusted metalcare brand in more than 55 countries. Hammerite continues to innovate and define metalcare standards. For instance, its Direct To Rust paints have been a game changer; now you don’t need to apply primers or undercoats before applying a topcoat, but you can apply this product directly to a rusty surface with minimum surface preparation. This is equally effective on new, old or previously painted metal surfaces.  

Metals require constant care and protection, especially against rust caused by humidity and moisture, to retain their timeless strength and beauty. Hammerite effectively tackles rust to keep your metals looking good for longer, saving your time and effort on metalcare. Hammerite, the ultimate protection for metal.

Ferrous Metal Products

Ferrous metals contain the iron compound and thus are susceptible to rusting. Apply to protect your ferrous metals against corrosion or to tackle rusted surfaces.

Non-ferrous Metal Products

Non-ferrous metals do not contain the iron compound and thus are resistant against corrosion. Apply to protect, restore and decorate your non-ferrous metals.

Preparation & Application

Explore a range of specialist metalcare products to protect, restore and decorate your metals.


Hammerite Direct to Rust is formulated with the superior DualTech protection, a tough barrier against rust caused by humidity and moisture. DualTech provides an advanced two-way protection that actively works on both metal surfaces and paint coating. First, anti-corrosive pigments effectively eliminate and prevent rust on metal surfaces. Second, special waxes make the paint coating highly water-repellent to keep moisture away.

How To

View simple steps on applying Hammerite to your metal surfaces with perfect results.