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Get Your Dream House Makeover on a Budget 

Bedroom Color Ideas to Turn Your Room into a Heavenly Abode

It is an absolute joy to update the style quotient of the house on a budget. Just a little planning and understanding of mixing and matching colors make this job even far easier.  Even just a few licks of fresh paint or just changing the throw pillows or placing a candle can be an awesome update and bedroom ideas at times

So, if you are looking for some advice to refresh your bedroom without breaking the bank, here are some bedroom ideas:

1. Paint up your room

Bedroom color ideas possibly can be the cheapest way to give a contemporary rich look to your space. A fresh coat of paint can instantly make your room look brighter, bigger, and cleaner.  There is a huge range of bedroom color ideas and shades from light to dark and natural to neutral to make your room a live and vibrant corner. 

2. Play with the bed linen and drapes 

Playing with furnishing can be an awesome bedroom idea on a budget as you don’t have to spend too much on such a thing. Just a little change in the color of curtains, bedsheets, and pillows can do it effortlessly. Bedsheets and pillows tuning with the drapes and other linings of the room are one such bedroom color ideas that would make you be in your room as much as possible. 

3. Have new lighting

Want to add some texture and interest to your bedroom without replacing any fixed or heavy elements of the room? Replacing or updating the lighting can be done in minutes without burning a hole in the pocket. 

4. Update or rearrange your furniture 

Since you want budget-friendly bedroom color ideas, to makeover your room, updating or rearranging your furniture can be a great deal. 

5. Have some space for indoor plants 

It is always one of the good bedroom ideas to have some indoor plants in the room. As they not only make your room look beautiful and serene but also keep you close to nature and your surroundings healthy. 

6. Curate side tables 

Clear the stuff scattered on your side table and place a nice tiny side lamp on it. Or just a frame or pile of books along with some fresh flowers and feel the difference.

7. Hang a budget-friendly artwork

A stylish and creative artwork can turn a sad and empty wall into a brilliant-looking backdrop. For creating a change at a large scale, hanging or changing the wall look with artwork is one of the great and creative bedroom ideas.

8. DIY a headboard

It may sound complex to you if your DIY skills are not so perfect but still, this is a brilliant idea if you can create something interesting and creative on the headboard and own the pleasure of doing it yourself. 

9. Get a large rug 

It can help not only create a decent and stylish room but also can hide a multitude of sins such as stained floor or carpet, tired-looking floorboards, etc. It will make your room look big, clean, expensive, and decent along with adding some extra texture and coziness. 

10. Update shelving

You can add some storage to style up your room as it can be used as a focal point too.

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