Preconceived bedroom paint colors

Preconceived bedroom paint colors 

If you have seen enough of pinks, beiges, powder blues and whites in bedroom ideas in bedroom paint colors and want to try colours beyond these repetitive tones, here we have picked a few unique bedroom paint colors for you which are going to look subtle and sensible in any kind of modern home setup and bedroom ideas. 


Pear Green

We all want to have such bedroom paint colors on walls which make our home a happy space and wake up us in good mood. Pear green with a little dominating yellowish tone makes it a perfect choice for your bedrooms and allows you to be a little playful with your colour choice. If you want to tone down the yellowish effect, use elegant shades for elements, linings, and furnishings with muted hues¬¬¬ of pear green. To have a more designer look on the wall, you can also create patterns or geometrics on it.



Blue has been an obvious choice for many for their bedroom due to its relaxing appeal. But if you have recently moved to a cold place and set out the warm effect with shades of blue only, indigo is your shade as it not only has a warm effect but also looks rich and comforting. Or you may also pick regal blue for the same effect which is a very close variant to it. The colours which pair nicely with these shades are white and yellow. To have a striking look of your overall bedroom, place earthy and rustic furniture, linings and bedding with traditional print in indigo and white or yellow and white, vintage lamps, paintings and décor items in either golden or silver colour. 



We know that it’s a hardly seen colour but amber yellow in the bedroom looks gorgeous and uplift the warmth quotient of your room. In combination with green, greys, purple, dull pink, and bright blues, this shade makes each corner of your bedroom selfie-friendly. To add more aesthetic appeal to the room, you can use woven cushions, more natural texture on flooring and furniture.


Burgundy or wine

Want a bold and warm tone but red doesn’t attract you? Burgundy and wines are two amazing substitutes of red for having a fantastic bedroom with dramatic yet intense and cosy vibes. To balance the bold effect of either of the shade, everything else should be in muted or neutral tones like whites, beiges, greys and champagnes. To décor your bedroom, you can have dainty and small style paint or stripes in contrasting tones on the walls or décor objects. To use the accent wall as the background for your art and craft collection, hang a white framed painting above the white bedding or have a sunburst mirror on the same wall.

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