Wooden Door Paint Ideas

Give your wooden doors a new life by applying a fresh layer of paint

If you think your doors look old or boring, just paint them!

Singapore homes, with their unique blend of tradition and modernity, often feature wooden elements that add warmth and character. Wooden doors, being one of the most prominent, require a certain level of care and attention. Opting for specialized paints for wood ensures longevity and protection, besides just aesthetics.

Here is a guide for you that dives deep into not just the importance of selecting the ideal paints for wooden doors but also offers inspiring door paint ideas to complement every homestyle.

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Wooden Door Paint Ideas

Choosing the right colour for your door is like choosing the right attire for an occasion. It sets the mood and creates an impression.

  • Time Travellers: Opt for antique whites or faded blues to channel a vintage vibe, reminiscent of a time when life was perhaps slower and filled with handwritten letters and long afternoon teas.

  • The Modern Muse: If your home’s architecture leans towards the contemporary, go for clean shades like sleek black, crisp whites, or even a muted grey.
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  • Countryside Tales: Reds and browns, especially those with a rustic feel, are perfect for homes that exude warmth, reminiscent of countryside cabins or Mediterranean villas.

  • Beach House Dreams: Channel the feel of the sea with hues of blue, teal, or aquamarine, especially if your home exudes a laid-back, coastal vibe.

  • Fairy-Tale Dwellings: Soft pastels like lilac, baby pink, or a mellow yellow can bring in a touch of whimsy and magic.

  • Bold Statements: For those who believe in making an entrance, deep shades like navy, rich burgundy, or even emerald can be breathtaking.

  • Nature’s Hug: If you’re not a fan of loud colours, consider varnishes that enhance the door's natural grain and texture, keeping it simple yet sophisticated.

  • A glint of Glamour: For homes that revel in luxury, a touch of metallic accents, be it gold or silver, can add that hint of opulence.
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The Ultimate Choice for Wooden Doors

Dulux offers an exquisite range of products tailored to provide your wooden doors with the makeover they deserve.

  • Dulux Woodcare Satinwood: Ideal for interiors, this paint doesn't just colour your wooden and metal surfaces. It graces them with a soft and  smooth satin finish that resembles the delicate shell of an egg. A wonderful feature of this paint is its opaque nature, ensuring a rich and even look.

  • Dulux Woodcare Timbertone: If the allure of your door's natural grain appeals to you, consider this varnish. Meant for interior surfaces, from doors to floors, it not only protects but accentuates the beauty of the wood, thanks to its clear, glossy or satin finish.

  • Dulux Woodcare Timbercolour: Stepping out, if you're looking at exteriors, this is your go-to solution. Not just your exterior wooden door, this paint can grace even metal surfaces with its low sheen finish. Moreover, its protective layer ensures resistance against algae and fungi, making it perfect for the humid Singapore weather.

  • Dulux Woodcare Solarscreen: The true warrior against external elements. Suitable for your exterior door, this pigmented varnish filters out UV rays, a necessity considering the strong tropical sun. Plus, it lets the wood's natural beauty shine through.
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Tips for Painting Wooden Doors

  • Choose the Right Day: Weather plays a role, especially if you're painting an exterior door. Aim for a dry day with mild temperatures. Humidity can make paint sticky and hard to dry.

  • Sand Before Painting: For a smooth finish, lightly sand the door before applying paint. This removes any old paint flakes and smoothens the wood.

  • Clean Thoroughly: Dust and dirt can mess with your paint job. Before painting, wipe down the door with a damp cloth to remove any debris.

  • Remove Hardware: Instead of trying to paint around knobs and hinges, remove them. It'll make your painting job much easier and neater.
  • Use Painter's Tape: Protect areas you don't want to be painted, like windows or borders, with painter's tape. It ensures sharp and clean lines.

  • Start with the Edges: Paint the edges of the door first, then move to the flat surfaces. This technique ensures a more even coat.

  • Use Thin Coats: Instead of one thick coat, apply multiple thin coats. It might take a bit longer, but the finish will be more even and less likely to peel or chip.

  • Brush in the direction of the Grain: For doors that show off wood's natural grain, always paint or varnish in the direction of the grain to enhance its beauty.

  • Let It Dry Properly: Even if the paint feels dry to the touch, it might not be fully cured. Always wait for the recommended drying time before closing a freshly painted door or attaching hardware.

  • Seal the Deal: Especially for exterior doors, consider using a sealant or top coat. It adds an extra layer of protection against the elements.


Giving your wooden doors a fresh look is easy with the right woodpaint. You don't need to change the whole door, just paint it. Interior or exterior, the paint for the wooden door makes a big difference. And with these handy tips, you can make sure your door looks great for a long time. So, if you think your doors look old or boring, just paint them. It's a simple way to make a big change. Enjoy your painting project!

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