Inspiration for your metal

There are so many possibilities for decorating and protecting metal. Whether you intend to banish rust or add some colour to your metal items, Hammerite has the perfect metal paint solution.

Browse the variety of projects below for inspiration and advice on how to achieve the result you are looking for:

hammerite metal paint outdoor setting

Renew your bench

It can be simple and rewarding to rejuvenate a bench which has seen better days. Follow this guide for instructions on how Hammerite Metal Paint can help restore tired garden furniture.

hammerite metal paint outdoor garden table

Ready to transform your garden?

Adding a little colour to your garden does not always have to mean planting flowers. It can be as simple as using metal paint to liven up plain garden furniture and pots. Update a galvanised metal patio set which has seen better days quickly and easily with Hammerite.

hammerite metal paint gate

Inspire neighbours with by revitalizing your gate

The front gate usually gives the first impression of your home. Keeping it well maintained is important. Use Hammerite’s specialist metal paint to decorate and protect it for many years to come. 

hammerite metal paint lantern

Light up your garden

There are plenty ways of making your metal objects into something new with help of Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint. Beautify your old garden lanterns by painting them with Hammerite metal paint and  give your garden a fresh look.

hammerite metal paint garden flower pot

Jazz up your garden

Adding colours to your garden can be as simple as decorating your metal pieces such as planters and flowerpots with Hammerite Metal Paint. Follow this guide for instructions on how to add colour to your garden.

hammerite gates

How to make a good first impression. Transform your railings

Looking to give a good first impression for your home or business?  Transform your old and dirty railings  with an easy solution by using Hammerite, a long-lasting product that will keep your railing looking good for years to come.

hammerite metal paint bed frame

Reviving your bedroom

If you have a piece of metal furniture that is  rusted, flaking or just needs a colour change, then Hammerite Metal Paint is ideal. Instead of throwing it out, think about giving it a makeover. Create a united colour scheme in your home by co-ordinating painted pieces in colors that go together. Let’s make those looking great around the home again!

hammerite metal paint chair

Elegant interior decoration

Looking to add a little elegance to your interior? An update to your metal furniture can add just the right touch! You can achieve a chic décor look by painting metal pieces with florals and pastels. Even dark metal furniture can transform with this trick.

Black bike repainted with Hammerite

When the sun is shining it’s time to ride your bike!

Do you have an old bike and you want to give it a second life? Reading this may help.


Hammerite Direct to Rust is formulated with the superior DualTech protection, a tough barrier against rust caused by humidity and moisture. DualTech provides an advanced two-way protection that actively works on both metal surfaces and paint coating. First, anti-corrosive pigments effectively eliminate and prevent rust on metal surfaces. Second, special waxes make the paint coating highly water-repellent to keep moisture away.

How To

View simple steps on applying Hammerite to your metal surfaces with perfect results.

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