Enjoy sunny day

Whether in the backyard, courtyard or on the balcony, let’s create a cosy corner for enjoying sunny days reading a favourite book and enjoying an afternoon tea.

Bring a favourite outdoor space alive and transform weathered and rusty metal furniture with Hammerite™ Direct to Rust Metal Paint.

Hammerite™ Direct to Rust Metal Paint is developed with DUALTECH technology, which provides a two-way protection by repelling water and stopping rust, keeping the metal stronger for longer.

With up to 8 years of protection from corrosion, Hammerite™ Direct to Rust Metal Paint will help create cosy corners for many years to come.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor metal pieces including chairs, tables, gates, gardening tools, lamps and plant pots. Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint is a ‘one tin’ solution, performing as a primer, undercoat and top coat – saving time and money. Available in either paint or aerosol, choose from a range of colours in a smooth or hammered finish.

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