Make a Small Room Look Bigger and Beautiful

Small bedroom ideas to make it look wide

Employee light hues to make your room functioning and flourishing.

Each one of us is not blessed enough to have a designer build luxury villas or penthouses. More than half of the population of the world is living in very tiny and compact spaces or apartments where space is a limitation. But it doesn’t mean you cannot prink your house. Because space cannot stop you from having a dream designed home at least if not a dream home. Each corner of the house deserves do up and make up to look subtle and attractive. To spruce up your small room and bedroom, let’s explore small room design ideas and the ways to do it.  


1. Use light colours in contrast with dark 

Dark colours like blue and green create dept in small bedroom ideas and light colours can visually trick eyes and mind. This dual combination makes your home illusive, illuminating and sizzling. One single colour in light and bright shade is also going to make your small room design look bigger and if you choose a little warm colour of neutral tone then it’s going to create more welcoming effect in your small room design. For mixing and matching colours and hues, you can compare the colours from palette to get better small bedroom ideas.


2. Hang almost wall length long drapes and sheers preferably in vertical patterns 

Wall length sheers and drapes in bright and light colours can define the height of the room’s wall well. It will make wall look not only simply beautiful, but visually taller too. So don’t miss it in any case while creating small room design.


3. Play with the ceiling designs and colours

Create an illusion of taller and bigger room by painting the ceiling in glossy finish white colour. Leave the ceiling simple or with thin trims. Use wall mounted vertical light pattern on height near to ceiling reflecting directional or bidirectional lights focusing vertical length of the room.


4. Choose multifunctional and hidden storage 

Multifunctional furniture and storage save a lot of space for adjusting not so frequently used stuff of the home. Also, you can easily organize the day-today stuffs and things for easy access without leaving a mess behind. 


5. Use vertical craft, décor, and light

To give your home elongated effect, choose right portions of the house to place decorative pieces, pots, plants, and artworks. Also display them vertically to add more spacious effect in the different layers of the house. 


6. Redefine space with sofa and rugs    

If the height of the room is low, and space is too narrow, low height furniture and light weight sofas can play the trick well. A five-seater sofa with light weight chairs or stools on side/sides with small round or square center table will be enough for small living room and the same combination without center table and stools will be enough for small bedrooms. Also use rugs and carpet to draw the attention instantly on the freer spaces more than packed ones as rugs redefine the floor space actually well.


7. Declutter floor, furnishing, and wall spaces

Last but the most important idea is decluttering. It is the one of the most efficacious hacks to make your home appear broad and wide. The more minimal furnishing you are going to keep inside, the added freer space it will leave. Don’t pack the entire floor space with bed, sofa, table, chair, vases, and other accessories and air space with lights, lamps, and hangings. Instead use slim and sleek items to organize inside room space. Also hang vertical wall painting and patterns to improvise it narrow effect. 

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