Scandinavian Interior Design

Use Scandinavian interior design to give riches’ treat to home

Bring class with the minimalistic Scandinavian colour choices 

Wherever you have seen Scandinavian interior design, one thing you would have noticed, it’s one of the most impressive and trendiest design. The clean and calm colour choices are the life of this design style. Since the colours are so calm and clean, it’s not easy to play with this style when it comes to picking the besuited ones. You need to be articulative and crisp with ideas if you want to emulate Scandinavian interior design. To bring this design to perfection, here are few elements that you need to keep in mind to put this design in order.


1. Calm, light and neutral colours

2. Underplayed designs following functions

3. Reflecting Nordic landscape with sober hues of colours 

4. Decluttered space filled with natural light and air 

5. Minimalistic décor and furnishing  

6. Wood furniture and wood accents 

7. Statement pendant lights for decor 

8. Natural textile (Tactile fabrics sofas and drapes)  

9. Lush greenery and hanging plants 

10. Flexible and multifunctional design schemes and ideas

11. Steel, brass, and copper accents 

12. Minimalist space with focusing on artwork 


Out of all these elements, what made the Scandinavian interior design so popular? Colour is the prima facie ingredient. Scandinavian designs mainly deal in neutral colours of the palette which make them more attractive. By far gray and lighter tones of pink are the most used colour of this design, but other notable colours are white and beige. Though on most of the wall surfaces, these calm and neutral colours dominate, but it doesn’t mean that you will not see any bright colour in the design. You can see pops of colours in little elements in this Nordic inspire interior design blending in living spaces and their functionality. So, to stick to this particular design style, only play with neutral colours of the palette. 

The second most important element is design itself as it combines multifunctional elements with clean and minimalistic artwork. It leaves a fair scope to create bright and airy interiors with self-expressing walls having lightest shades on them which appraise the glamour of wooden flooring of the design. It is the simplicity of the style which brings elegance and quality to living spaces that suits to modern living choices. With a little twist in this Nordic style design, you can create a stylish space with minimum furniture, lightning, and crafts. But you have to ensure one thing that everything should be of premium quality to match the reflection of design. Keep in mind that the function plays an important part in this design, so pay attention to flexible, modular, and hidden storage and shelving. Also take due care while choosing craft to wood furniture items. Use natural textile (tactile fabrics sofas and drapes) to complement the furniture. Means whatever you are choosing should not only reflect class but look minimalistic yet gorgeous. 

Though it may sound complex, but creating a Scandinavian style home is quite simple. In just few steps, you can get it easily.


1. Paint walls in neutral/light colours

2. Declutter the space by discarding unnecessary items

3. Keep wooden flooring

4. Add plush sofa and textured rug

5. Choose natural tone accessories coupling with the existing crafts and artwork

6. Stick to simple wood item and decorative shelving 

7. Brighten up space with pendant lights 

8. Avoid loud and bold patterns and artworks

9. Make it lush green by placing plants and pots here and there


 That’s it and you are good to go to get your dreamy home interior.