Bedroom design colours to give it a colourful treat

Bedroom design colours to give it a colourful treat

We all need a relaxing and restful bedroom to lay our heads in. Creating a convenient and comfortable bedroom design and bringing incredible small bedroom ideas to reality is one of the best ways to have a dreamy bedroom. If you don’t share your bedroom with anyone then you can makeover bedroom design completely the way you want but if you share it with someone, give due respect to the taste and preference of your partner before choosing any bedroom design and colour. Though there is an entire rainbow to pick a shade from but here we have talked about the versatile blue to execute few small bedroom ideas.    


Bold Blue 

This is a colour choice you won’t regret ever. Bold blue is the dark shade that leans well against any saturated tone you pick for the rest of the walls. To enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room and set a welcoming mood, pair it with contrasting wall art, silhouettes, window frames, rugs, etc. 


Ice Blue 

Bright shades bring a lot of calmness and serenity to any kind of space. If you want to make your bedroom such a place where you wake up feeling positive and energized, choose ice blue for the walls. Each shade of ice blue contributes fantastically well to create a perfect bedroom space. Headboard in blueberry tone, draperies in chambray, rugs in periwinkle tint and throw pillows in dark blue and white to take your room’s style quotient up. 


Dusty Blue 

For a flowing and functional energy with a soothing vibe, paint your bedroom in dusty blue. It is a perfect shade if your bedroom is compact in size and have a low ceiling. To give an imaginary rise to the ceiling, paint one wall in dusty blue and the rest of the walls as well as the ceiling in glossy white.


Pale Blue 

Pale blue is an awesome pick to have a pretty and relaxing bedroom space. It is a shade that goes well with any style of architecture, from traditional to coastal. This shade adds an airy and clean look to the space and pairs well with white often. 


Spa Blue

Painting the walls of your room in spa blue give them a soothing and relaxing effect. To get the continuous look or to make your room look bigger, you can paint an accent wall and ceiling in the same colour with plain curtains in contrast to the wall colour, pillows, rugs but in combination with window frames, door, bedding, artwork and décor. Often grey or white pairs well with this tone.

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