small bedroom design ideas

small bedroom design ideas

Light and easy painting ideas for bedrooms can make them look way bigger if they are lacking space. To pull the look, you need to learn small bedroom ideas adopted by designers. Any colour of the palette be it light or dark, bold or bright can be an easy painting choice for your small bedroom with white being the obvious choice. So, let’s check out few amazing colours that can turn into awesome small bedroom ideas with white being the other easy painting choice of combination. 


Though its dark shades are little wild and loud, and light shades being mild and calm gives you a wonderful choice for your small bedroom. But keep one thing in mind that don’t get overwhelmed with colour and avoid painting the entire space in just one colour.  


Neutrals get love from the people of all generations. If you don’t want just white or any bold shade, go for beige or soft blonde to add warmth to the small bedroom spaces. To lift up the ambience inside the room, pair the wall colour with patterned rugs, comfy sofas, and natural décor.  


There are so many contrasts in gray. But to get the different luminous effect at different time intervals of the day, use pearl gray. Or if you want gray to look chic and cozy, yet sophisticated, use gunmetal gray. 

Sun Kissed Yellow

Sun kissed yellow is a very vibrant and relevant choice for the small and dark spaces, especially if it’s your kid’s bedroom. 


To turn any small space into a quaint and spacious space, damp the walls in a gorgeous shade of tan. This particular shade makes your room so soothing and cozy that you will never want to leave your room.

Blush Pink

Add the warmth in the feel of the small space with soft tones of pink without being bold with the colour choice or overpowering the effect of other hues. In order to make sure that the colour doesn’t look too delicate and immature, pair gray with it.

Sky Blue

To add calm as well as spacious feel in the room, create a dreamy ambience with sky blue. It suits to all sizes of rooms and makes them look soft, clean, and expensive.


White is one the most versatile colours of the colour spectrum. It reflects light and creates an illusion of receding walls which makes a small space look bigger and wider. White in its natural tone looks airy and lightweight, but picking warmer shades of white will help you in making space bright while offering the flexibility to pick any kind and style of décor. 

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