Study room design for maximum productivity

Improve your productivity with amazing study design ideas

Irrespective of the fact that you are a student or just doing any advanced and upgraded course online, an unhealthy and messed up study definitely distracts your attention and reduces your productivity and efficiency. An unthoughtful study room design and set up increases your unnecessary movements and kill your precious time in taking out the books and stationery you need at that point of time. So, in order to maximize your productivity, a designated well thought of and rightly executed design is essential.

So here is your guide to design a study room to maximize your productivity.


1. Stick to the most basic essentials only

A right heighted comfortable chair and table desk with appropriate light is the basic essentials of study room. Until you give your study room a comfortable feel, you will not stay there for long. So don’t jump away from the basic desk look to keep that vibe alive and intact.


2. Choose a quiet place for study 

It requires focus and attention to study. So, make sure that the surrounding is not chaotic and so noisy that even sounds penetrate from the walls while doors are closed. Otherwise, outside distractions will keep on distracting and you would not be able to focus at all even if you try really hard. 


3. Discard distraction from surroundings and give it your personal touch 

All the distractions like mobile phones, laptops, too fancy and high intensity colourful lights, keep all of them away from the room because these may distract you from task on hand. Make sure that your foot sound and voice doesn’t create echo and noise because it may lead you to drop your attention. Also, the external noise and view of the window of the study should not contribute to catch your focus away from study. And also, in order to give it a comfortable and convenient feel, arrange everything on your own to stay handy with things. Paint it with the colour you like the most and give it your personalized touch with the kind of furnishing you want.


4. Keep it organized 

Clutters kill productivity. Don’t pack the space with too many things and books in the shelves. Keep only what is needed.  Put most accessible stationeries, accessories, and books at the front row or in the range of your hand to minimize your physical movements as they also create distractions and kill time. Also use the space intelligently to make it look healthier, wider. and more comfortable as it will directly impact your productivity. 


5. Setup right light and comfort 

As you have to spend a lot of time in study, so make sure that the light focusing your desk is of right colour and intensity otherwise it will bother your eyes. Also, you have to focus on right chair and table. Chair should not be hard, narrow, and too heavy that can make you tired in just few minutes.  


6. Front wall and backdrop

The front wall which is going to interact with you more, should be clean and calm otherwise it will divulge you in thoughts and imaginations. Hang inspiration and mindful quotes on the side walls and give a vibrant backdrop to the wall at your back. 

Since all these ideas are going to help you on focusing on your reading and studies, so it’s obvious that your study hours will the productive. You can go for these study room design ideas to have a comfortable study.  

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