Want to brighten your home? Here’s how to blend sunny shades of yellow for a dazzling look.

Blend brilliantly bright shades of yellow for a dazzling look

Golden glow

After Dutch artist Van Gogh moved to the south of France in the late 1880s, his paintings began incorporating yellow to represent the sun – the dominant feature of Provençal summers. In his own powerful language, he painted the famous mustard yellow sunflowers and fields of corn against deep blue skies.

Mellow Yellow

Channel your inner artist with a dazzling yellow colour scheme that invigorates and evokes warmth. Create a traditional feel with golden yellow shades, such as ochre, mustard yellow and spicy ginger or, for a more modern look, choose citrus yellow hues, such as lemon and marigold.

Living room with sunny yellow colours

To balance out the bright yellow tones, you can pair them with natural materials like timber furniture and neutral-coloured textiles. This will help to ground the space while still allowing the yellow to take centre stage. Complete the look with potted plants and, of course, a bunch of bright yellow sunflowers – Van Gogh's favourite. 

By blending brilliantly bright shades of yellow, you can reinvent your living room and create a space that is inviting and full of personality.

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