Living room decorated in lively shades of lime, electric blue and fuchsia.

Lively Lime Colour Paint Breathes Life Into Your Living Space

A dash of this refreshing colour can brighten any space.

Introduce lime into your home’s interior for instant invigoration, a whoosh of juicy colour that’s fresh, clean and modern. Encapsulating a mood of hope and optimism, lime conveys a feeling of new growth, relaxed fun and the goodness and vitality of zesty citrus. Lime works particularly well in rooms with plenty of natural light, as it brings out the freshness of the colour’s yellow tones.

lime living room

Living Room Colours with a Lime Twist

A living room should be inviting, a space where everyone feels comfortable and at ease. With lime as one of your living room colours, you achieve an ambience that's both warm and exciting. Lime colour paint for walls works as a brilliant backdrop, allowing other colours and home decor pieces to shine.

Consider a living room where lime-coloured walls are paired with neutral or white furniture. The contrast is striking, creating a space that feels open and bright. Throw in some plant decor, and your living room becomes a lively area bursting with a love for nature and life.


Lime in the Kitchen

For a kitchen that feels clean and fresh, lime is a fantastic choice. When paired with other citrus tones, like lemon yellow or orange, lime helps in crafting a space that’s bright and cheerful, perfect for a room where you start your day.

You might also consider using lime as an accent colour, providing a delightful contrast against dark grey or cream-coloured walls. In doing so, you craft a kitchen that feels modern yet has a touch of retro elegance.

lime paint bedroom

Lime Highlights in the Bedroom

Who wouldn't want to wake up in a room filled with optimism and vitality? Lime colour paint for walls in the bedroom can be the secret ingredient for starting every day on the right foot. Use lime sparingly, perhaps on a single accent wall, and complement it with softer hues or neutrals. This approach creates a bedroom environment that is calm yet has an undercurrent of energy and life.


Engage with Lime in Study room and Workspaces

If your home office or study room feels dull, a splash of lime can make a significant difference. This vibrant colour enhances concentration and creativity, making it an excellent choice for rooms where you need to be productive and focused. Pair lime with dark wood furniture for a look that’s both sophisticated and stimulating.

lime kitchen cabinets

Playful Lime in Children’s Rooms

Children's rooms should be fun and stimulating, and Lime is up to the task. This playful colour is perfect for sparking imagination and creativity in young minds. You can use lime as the primary wall colour or use it for furniture and accessories against a more neutral backdrop.


With lime colour paint for walls, you not only infuse your home with energy and zeal but also create spaces that feel fresh, modern, and utterly delightful.

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