A study decorated in sophisticated shades of white and off-white.

Creating Rooms with the Whitest Whites and Vibrant Pairs

White is a cool kid on the block. Why? Because it gets along with all other colours.

White paint has always been a favourite, from ancient times to today. It has served as an irreplaceable element in artists’ palettes for centuries. The making and use of lead white pigment can be traced back to ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Egyptians. This unique pigment was greatly used in classical European oil paintings for various purposes — from priming canvases and mixing diverse tints to crafting highlights that brought art to life. Despite its popular use in makeup by iconic figures like Elizabeth I, its harmful lead content made it unsafe for skin application.


Modern-Day White

As we’ve transitioned into modern times, hazardous lead has been successfully replaced by safer pigments, notably titanium and zinc white. These modern changes have not only ensured safety but have also upheld the timeless allure of white. Today, white stands as the most sought-after wall paint colour worldwide, admired for its simplicity and versatility.

white living room

White Paint Colour Combinations for Your Home

White is fantastic because it can go with any colour, making it great for any room. Let’s look at some creative white paint colour combinations for different rooms in your home:

  • Living Room: Calm with a Twist

    In the living room, think about white with unusual but warm tones like mustard or rust. White walls with a mustard couch or rust throw pillows bring a cosy feeling while keeping things interesting and vibrant.


  • Kitchen: White and Unexpected

    In the kitchen, white can join forces with bright, unexpected colours. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets white and having a feature wall in a bright, exciting shade like lime green or turquoise. The contrast would be eye-catching, making the kitchen feel larger and brighter.
white bedroom design
  • Bedroom: Peaceful yet Bold

    For the bedroom, let white be the backdrop for bold choices. Pair white walls with accessories or linens in strong, confident colours like royal blue or deep purple. The combination of white and bold colours creates a room that is both soothing and energizing, perfect for relaxation and inspiration.


  • Hallway: Making a Statement

    For a hallway that makes a statement, use white with dark, dramatic colours. Consider white walls with a large piece of artwork that uses dark purple or black. Or a dark-coloured bench against a white wall. It’s an entrance that’s immediately captivating.


  • Bathroom: Fresh and Quirky

    In a bathroom, pair white with unexpected, fun colours. Like a white vanity against a coral or sunshine-yellow wall. Or white tiles with accents in bright, cheerful shades. The result is a bathroom that feels fresh and whimsical.
home office white paint
  • Home Office: Clear Mind, Bright Ideas

    For a home office, white walls serve as the backdrop for creativity. Have one wall painted or wallpapered in a vibrant or deep colour that inspires you. White shelves with colourful books or a bold chair can also add to the inspiring environment.


White is Special

In places like Singapore where homes might be small, white is a smart wall paint colour choice. Why? Because it makes any space look bigger and brighter! It also makes other colours look good, helps spaces feel unified, and works for any style you like.


White paint holds a special place when it comes to wall paint colour, offering endless possibilities. Its journey from a canvas of ancient artists to the walls of modern homes is fascinating. Whether you like things simple or enjoy mixing and matching, white paint is your best bet, always ready to bring your vision to life in the most beautiful way.

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