Bookshelves filled with vases, books and precious momentos in beautiful shades of white and off-white.

Select the Perfect White Paint with Confidence and Ease

Searching for the perfect shade of white?

White isn't just white. There are loads of different kinds of white. Some are cool like ivory, and others are warm like vanilla. There are whites that remind you of old lace, and some are bright like snow. When you use white paint for your bedroom, these shades can make a big difference. The right white can make your room feel bigger, cleaner, and more comfortable.

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Picking Your White for the Bedroom

Choosing white paint for the bedroom needs a bit of thought. Your bedroom is your cosy corner, where you relax. You need a white that gives you a feeling of calm and peace. Each shade of white has a different feel. Some make your space look open and airy; others provide a cosy feel, setting the right mood for your room.


Going to the Store to Choose

But how do you pick the right shade? Online screens can be deceiving, they sometimes don't show the true shade. So, it’s a good idea to visit a Dulux store in person. At the store, you can see and feel the real colours. You'll notice the subtle differences between each shade of white that you can’t catch online.

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Grab a Colour Inspiration Book

At the Dulux store, don’t forget to grab a Colour Inspiration Book. This book lets you see how different whites and other wall paint colours look and feel. You can take the book home and take your time deciding.


Try Out Different Whites

With the Colour Inspiration Book in hand, try out different whites. See how each one looks in your room. See them in the daylight and under your room’s lights at night. Every white has something special. Trust your instincts and you'll find the white that feels just right for your bedroom.

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Why So Many Love White

Many people choose white paint because it's simple yet classy. It never gets old and as styles change, white still works. You can always add new colours and decorations, and they'll look great with white. And whether you want a room that’s bright and bold or soft and serene, white walls give you the freedom to do it.


Choosing white paint for the bedroom isn't hard, but you do have many options. Every kind of white offers something different. Understanding each white can help you create a bedroom that looks good and feels right. So, visit a Dulux store, grab a Colour Inspiration Book, and start imagining the possibilities. Your perfect bedroom is just a shade of white away!

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