Asian-style teapot made from delicate celadon-coloured porcelain.
Celadon, the essence of tranquility

Celadon, the essence of tranquility

Pale and ethereal, this colour never goes out of fashion.

The palest of pale greyish-greens is known as celadon, a beautiful colour named for the Chinese pottery thought to date as far back as 25 AD. Highly prized for its beauty in ancient times, celadon ware was also believed to break or change colour if poisoned food was put into it (very useful if you were a distrustful emperor!). Celadon has adorned exquisite stoneware and dishes for centuries since.

Today, celadon is still viewed as an elegant and ethereal colour choice. Its tranquil beauty, recalling the pale green sea, is perfect for bringing calm to a room where you want to feel relaxed and refreshed. Its delicate and timeless qualities make for a feminine bedroom wall colour or a serenely pretty bathroom.

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