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Natural Green

Restore nature’s balance

We often find ourselves most at ease when surrounded by nature. A walk in the park or lounging by the garden is simply all it takes to restore our senses.

Among the plethora of colours nature offers, green is undoubtedly the symbolic colour of nature. Visually soothing, deeply refreshing and naturally balanced.

If nature can calm our senses, your home should also bring you the same relief. Green is the best colour to recreate the restorative powers of nature within your home.


Green is not only rejuvenating for the mind, but also easy on the eyes. A comfortable colour that comes in many versatile hues and shades, the right green goes with anything and everything.

Soak in the tranquility of lush greenery and extend nature’s inspiration into your living spaces. Crisp, cool greens modernise and energise rooms with freshness, while darker forest greens easily blend with neutral colours for a stylish yet contemporary décor.


Dulux Spanish Moss pairs well with earthy tones and wooden finishes in interiors and exteriors.



Dulux Weathershield is ideal for keeping exterior colours looking vibrant and natural. 

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