Learn how to use colour to make the most of unloved areas.
Revive unloved spaces with colour

Bring unloved spaces to life with colour

Use colour to make the most of overlooked spaces.

Love the unloved

With space increasingly at a premium in our lives, there’s an impetus to start making use of all of the neglected, unseen or overlooked spaces within our homes. Think under-utilised corners, unused spaces under staircases and all those nooks and crannies that are just waiting for a purpose.

Create harmony

There are three key colours that bring this trend to life: blue grey, khaki and neutral pink. For a harmonious look, why not try pairing different strengths of the same colour together?

For example, you could pair inky slate with mauve grey and cool lavender, or combine khaki, taupe and sand. Strong yet understated, these are the perfect colours for breathing new life into all those unseen spaces.

Trick of the eye

Start looking at the corners of your home from a new perspective. Have a think about how you could maximise the potential of an under-used space. It could be a mezzanine, a hallway, or the corner under the stairs. Draw attention to this overlooked area using the colours mentioned above, either to create a feature wall effect or, for a subtler look, through accessories.

You might even like to try using dark and light shades together to give the illusion of three-dimensional depth where there is none. It’s all about defining new spaces and making the most of what you already have.

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