A golden hue that is between orange and pink, apricot is the perfect colour choice if you want to add warmth to a space.

Transform Your Home Into Cosy Haven with Sweet Apricot Tones

This cosy colour evokes warm spring days.

Named after the fragrant fruit of the same colour, Apricot is a tawny golden shade that is between orange and pink. A cosy colour that evokes warm spring days, apricot works particularly well in spaces that do not get enough natural light, such as north-facing rooms or attics. Warm hues such as Apricot help to throw light around the space, tricking the eye into thinking the room is brighter than it actually is.

To create a pulled-together look, you could try using a darker, richer apricot hue for the woodwork and a paler shade for the walls. Or if you have a large or open-plan space, use the darker shade on the wall to create a more intimate atmosphere. To enhance the feel of summer, pair Apricot with accents of other warm hues, such as gold, burnt orange and dusky pink.

apricot living room

Apricot in Different Rooms

This soft, inviting hue is a mood enhancer, and in each room, it plays a different, delightful role.


Apricot in the Living Room

The living room is where the family relax and comes together. Using apricot paint colour here makes it a warm and joyful space for family and friends. Pair apricot walls with furniture in neutral or earthy tones for a look that’s calming and stylish.

apricot paint dining room

Bedroom with Apricot Touches

When transitioning from the lively atmosphere of the living room, Apricot in the bedroom takes on a more muted, calming persona. It still carries its inherent warmth but in a way that whispers rather than shouts, gently cradling you into a realm of rest and relaxation. For those considering wall paint ideas, blending Apricot with creamy whites or tranquil greys can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of peace, offering you a retreat where you can recharge and dream undisturbed.


Apricot for a Spa-Like Bathroom

And speaking of retreat, let's not forget the bathroom. A place where the day’s stress is washed away deserves a colour that aids in relaxation while adding a touch of luxury. With Apricot gracing the walls, complemented by pristine white tiles and gold fixtures, the bathroom transforms into a spa, a private haven of luxury and comfort right within your living space.

apricot kitchen design

Home Office with Apricot

In the corners of your home dedicated to creativity and work, apricot assumes yet another role. Here, the Apricot paint colour is a subtle muse, sparking inspiration without overwhelming your senses. It maintains an atmosphere of focus and serenity, important for bringing ideas to life, making it a perfect backdrop for your office work, painting, writing or any creative endeavour you pursue.


So, as you think about wall paint ideas, give apricot a chance to delight you with its warmth and versatility. From living rooms to bedrooms, from creating intimate atmospheres to brightening up spaces, apricot is a wise choice for a home that feels both warm and stylish. Whether you choose to envelop the room in Apricot or use it as an accent, this delightful colour promises to bring warmth, comfort, and a touch of joy into your home.

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