Discover how to create an elegant yet modern look using warm neutrals, soft fabrics and atmospheric lighting.
A romantic, modern bedroom

Get the look: A romantic, modern bedroom

Tips for creating an elegant yet modern bedroom.

Sweet dreams

If you’re decorating a bedroom that’s shared by two people with different tastes, it’s important to find a style that suits you both.

To create a romantic atmosphere, you don’t need to resort to feminine prints and lacy fabrics. Instead, choose a subtle yet strong colour combination and pair it with soft, delicate fabrics – this will create a dreamy sanctuary that’s both elegant and modern.

Add warmth

You’ll find that warm neutrals create a wonderfully calm yet inviting feel in a bedroom. Here, oyster white, with its hint of pink, is the perfect base colour and looks fabulous when paired with tones of grey, from stone to charcoal.

Here, a splash of golden apricot has been used on one wall to add an extra element of warmth to the space. The overall effect is soft and subtle.

Soothe the senses

The trick to enhancing the romantic feel in your bedroom is to add tactile fabrics and atmospheric lighting.

Why not try replacing ceiling lights with floor and table lamps to create a softer look? Layer your bed with natural, delicate fabrics, such as pure cotton sheets and wool throws. Finally, add a beautiful fragrant candle and a vase of fresh flowers.

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