Wallpaper vs Paint

Wallpaper vs Paint- How to Choose What You Need?

Home Decor Changes

Who doesn’t love doing up their house and adding new elements to it? But there are so many conflicting ideas and a plethora of decisions to be made when it comes to makeovers and transformations of a living space. One of the most vivid and active argument is about what to go for when decorating the surface of your walls. The dichotomy of paint vs wallpaper has almost always been a running question on every homeowner’s mind when they get to making the call about any décor changes. There are some people who believe that there is nothing that beats a custom wallpaper, and yet some who think that nothing can come close to the durability that a good paint job brings. Here, we will talk about what is best for you, wallpaper or paint when it comes to making the cut for your home. 

Let us look at some of the most important criteria while making a holistic comparison between wallpapers and paint.

Time to Prepare:

A wall paint is a winner in this case, as it is easier to apply, and requires minimal time and effort. On the other hand, a wallpaper first needs perfecting the wall and filling in any imperfections before you get down to the actual application. A good and reliable paint job fills in most of these imperfections on its own and gives you a lot of spare time to give to the other aspects of the décor. 

Additionally, wallpaper has a restricted purpose and application. It is not a wise logistical choice for all the areas of the house. For example, in bathrooms, the dampness can make it almost impossible for the wallpaper to stay. 


This is a subjective and variable factor in both cases when it comes to wallpaper or paint. The varying qualities and finishes determine the final pricing of each paint and wallpaper. But if you see the premium and durable quality finishes for both, then paint is the more pocket friendly and economically viable option. The number of accompanying supplies is also less when it comes to paint jobs as opposed to wallpapers that require a lot of additional paraphernalia. 


If one uses a stain-resistant paint, its durability and longevity against dirt, oil, and grease as well as the timely wear and tear is much sturdier than that of a wallpaper. Simply because wallpapers tend to be more sensitive to rough usage and the additional fear of scratches can damage its surface permanently. Which would then need a change and repair of the entire wall. 

Time Taken to Apply:

Wallpapers here take the win. As oil-based paints re quire multiple coats to get that perfect finish and with the time taken to prime the base, it can be a couple of days’ job to finish the paint work of a home. As opposed to that, wallpapers require a one time and one coat application and can be completed from start to finish in one day. 

With these exhaustive points, we hope that you will be able to take a better call on what suits your home’s needs more, wallpapers or paint. Keep in mind that while doing anything to your house, durability, accessibility and variety play a key role. We hope that you will have a smoother time making the call after reading our comparison of the two. 

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