Timeless colour compositions

Trendiest combination for kitchen interior

Trendiest combination for kitchen 

Infuse a new life to your kitchen interior with trendiest colour combinations 

This is true in every case that only trending designs are displayed and showcased because they are able of catching the attention of global audience. Now when you have landed up here in an attempt to get the best home décor/kitchen design and colour choice for your new kitchen or giving a sizzling makeover to your decades old cooking area, we are going to guide you through the process. We have complied kitchen design and home decor colour patterns and combinations for your kitchen and cabinets that you are going to see for many years to come. 

1. The Pantone 

The pantone colour pair which includes yellow and grey has been already announced the colour of the year by interior designers and you happen to see this pair adoring the kitchen of many big names and riches of the world. These two colours which are completely opposite in characters are creating a wonderful looking kitchen. The grey base design of kitchen cabinet in matte finish reflecting endurance and glossy yellow wall cabinets reflecting hopes are enough to give an appropriate yet sober look to your kitchen design.   

2. Wooden shades with white

This very simple and basic combination of home décor which looks very attractive and gives you a feel that you are close to nature. Wooden shades are there in trend for long and still in vogue and seems to stay there for long or may be forever. Natural wooden tones with bright white are going to make your kitchen a stand out space of the home. Wooden on base cabinets and white for top with grey or neutral flooring is going to be an ardent design of kitchen cabinet of the year.  

3. Metallic accents with black

Though dark is a bold choice, but this year has taught us a lot specially how important the kitchen area and design of kitchen cabinet is. Because it’s not easy to keep it maintained, so designers have realized to introduce a combination which is easy to clean and keep maintained. So black and dark shades are becoming the thing of the year and to glam it up, pair it with white and metallic accents (only gold and copper would look great). To enhance the look of the space, have cabinets handle in metallic accents with a lot of same colour artificial light because black absorbs light intensely.  

4. Pastels with pop of patterns and textures 

Pastels looks soothing to the eyes and never stay out of trend. This norm is going to continue for long as we can expect to see more of pastels because designers are loving this combination this year too and they are pairing them with earthy shades and solid patterns or textures in monochrome or dual tone. To glam up your kitchen, use soft pastel colours on cabinets and textured patterns on floor and open walls. This is going to add depth in the design without being bold and loud.

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