make your home comfy and inviting

Shake up to wake up color affairs

Make your home comfy and inviting 

Home is an emotional space where we want to spend most of our time. So, it should be easy, cosy, and comfortable. Colours are probably one of the most powerful elements to design any space and able of completely changing the way you think and feel about our home. It’s not difficult to have a trendy home, but to have a home painted and designed in a way which justifies your personality, taste, and emotions is not so easy. As we have a rich experience of designing living and office spaces, we can feel you. So, here in this guide we have come up some brilliant warm colours and neutral colours combinations that you can go for.  

1. Deep blue with grey and other neutral
Hues of blue in combination with grey reflect calm and soothing environment which is ideal for celebrating individuality. Blue with neutral colours like purple and green represent personal taste and emotions, so if the feel of this combination resonates with you, give it its due space and respect on your living room’s walls.  

2. Muted neutrals
Use neutrals if you want to keep it natural. Neutral colours let you to identify your own taste and preferences and give a voice to your house appeal. Neutrals are not only timeless and classic, but allows you to be more creative with surrounding and express your design idea clean and well.  

3. Pastels
Pastel paints and their themes are said to be the choice of creative and intelligent people. Almost all pastels represent a canvas like backdrop which allows other natural or warm colours’ objects to pop and also the accents that you may have used on window and door panels, furniture and furnishings, paintings, vase, frames, and décor.  

4. Blue with bright orange 
This warm colours theme is said to be forever young combination. This curious combination attracts young and curious people with tough mettle because such paints are able of strongly influencing their perceptions and behaviors. 

5. Greens
Green shades not only offer endless combinations, but matchless too. It makes you feel more connected to nature, positive, and stable. Paints in green theme be it parrot green, olive green, teal, or turquoise, hues of greens are enough to blend with your lifestyle irrespective of your profession and personality. This theme keeps you energized and on top of your house design game as this is used and forecasted by globally acknowledged interior designers and visual art experts.  

Pro tip
Undoubtedly, colours play a major role, but it’s not only about colours that makes house a home.  It’s also what kind and size of furniture you have bought, what is the colour of rugs and center table, what kind of curtains and fabrics you have paired with the wall colour, and how well you have displayed your décor accessories and travel collection and see to check if there is any better scope of tweaking any of it. 

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